Need opinions. What do you think of Evergrain leather?

  1. Dear Fellow Hermes Lovers,

    I have had a $8,000.00 Hermes store credit burning a hole in my wallet for much too long. I have decided to either use it to buy my mother a Birkin for xmas or use it to buy myself one, and give her one of mine. I have figuratively camped outside the local Hermes store in the town where I am spending time in search of a Birkin. I have seen two so far, one mainly orange and then accented with brown and one 30cm Gold hardware Evergrain in color Havanne which is like a dark brown. I used the store credit to get the latter bag but kept it at the store in case I see a better one, I can exchange it. What bothers me a little about the evergrain is how you can see the lines in the leather. I am guessing this would be something I might give to my mother if I cannot find anything better. What do you feel about Evergrain leather and the natural lines? Does it turn you off? (And if yes it may turn my mother off.) The color of the bag is quite pretty. I have a photo, but I will look into how to download it later.

    If I don't give her the one I find soon I will give her one of my other bags, but I want to keep the best ones for myself. I asked my SA and she told me all the ones I have are great, and was no help at all. If you were me, which of the following three would you part with?
    1. Rouge garance Vache Liegee 30cm, Palladium
    2. Black 30 cm Swift Palladium
    3. Gold 35 cm Clemence Palladium

    I already have an idea of what I will do, but I wanted opinions as well.

  2. The Evergrain Bag looks like this..
    photo.jpg photo(2).jpg
  3. Those lines would bother me too....
  4. Not loving those lines.
  5. I received as a gift from my SO, a 35 Evergrain Birkin. I liked it a lot. But I found the leather a bit too soft - though somewhat like Barenia, a really positive note on this leather is that you can actually rub out like scratches.
  6. I saw an Evergrain Birkin in Havanne a few months ago and it had nice small even grains, no lines
  7. I've actually never seen those lines before on evergrain--they'd bother me too. :s
  8. This is really helping me, thanks. If no one here likes the bag, then my mother won't either.

    More feedback please...

    if I can't get a new one for her, which one of the following would you part with if you were me?
    1. Rouge garance Vache Liegee 30cm, Palladium
    2. Black 30 cm Swift Palladium
    3. Gold 35 cm Clemence Palladium

    My SA said she would call if anything else came in the next 10 days that met my specifications, but I am getting nervous that I won't find anything ideal. Should have planned this earlier.
  9. I think I'd part with the Rouge garance VL. I'd also wait on the Evergrain. It just has never been a favorite. If I were you I'd hang in there a little longer to find something you really love.
  10. i have an evergrain kelly and birkin, and i totally love the texture and feel of the skin. i don't have any lines in mine, but from your pics, i probably would be bothered if i did have those lines.

    you have a good collection, hard to say what to give up; i guess it depends on your mom's lifestyle and what colors in her outfits she gravitates to.
  11. Personally, I wouldn't give my mom a bag I previously used... the evergrain birkin looks gorgeous- I'd give her that one.
  12. I have an Evergrain KP and it doesn't have lines like that. Is it the dying process problem? I'm not sure if the lines will blend in after the bag has been used.

    I think I will part with the Gold Birkin.
  13. In response to the other comment about the "previously used" issue all my bags are from this year except one from Dec. 06, and have no wear. So, they are new. I am really thinking about returning the evergrain now. The SA told me that bag would sell quickly in the store, so it is a desired bag...but those lines...
  14. :yes: The lines really do detract from the beauty of the bag, if I'm being honest. At least, to me they do! Is there nothing else there at all that might work for her?