Need opinions, Vernis bucket with pastilles or scarf or both


What looks better with the Vernis Bucket

  1. Stay with just the scarf, pastilles is too much

  2. Love the pastilles, but brown would be better

  3. Love the color pastilles, it adds some brightness.

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  1. I put my pastilles on my bucket, I think it would look better with the brown, which I have beem thinking about getting, anyway....

    But is it too much with the scarf?

    Let me know what you think.

    Sorry for the quality (DH has the camera, so I had to use my sidekick)


    Or better with just the scarf?

  2. Hmmm. I like one or the other. Luvs the new vernis BTW.
  3. I think it looks better just with the scarf, but it'll look cute with the brown instead!
  4. I like the pastilles better on it but the scarf looks great too. I wouldn't go for both one or the other works best
  5. Twinkle, You can alternate btw the scarf which looks fabulous with your newly clean by you Vernis Bucket. Then on days if you need more color bling, put on the pastilles.
  6. I think with the scarf it looks very chic and with the pastilles it's a bit too much imho, it distracts from the understated elegance :smile:
    That said, I do like the pastilles and have a porte cles myself :smile:
  7. I LOVE the way the pastilles colors looks against the Vernis. :heart:

    It adds more color to the bag. :smile:
  8. I like it with the scarf only!
  9. I like it better with the pastilles. I have a scarf on my red vernis Bucket but I don't know if I like it on there... Maybe it's the wrong scarf... I don't know.

    Congrats on your vernis Bucket GM. I saw that baby on eBay... It sure beat the retail price! My dream is to get a bronze Bucket GM... One day.... :jammin:
  10. I agree... i think it looks best with just the scarf.
  11. I like it better with the pastilles but I think both looks nice, but like pinkiwhatever said, you can alternate btwn the two.
  12. Yeah, especially after I cleaned it up.

    You know there is a bronze GM at Valley Fair, right? But it is pricey, 2500.
  13. My vote is with the pastilles only
  14. My vote is pastilles only.....get both colors. I have both and love alternating between the 2.
  15. I like the pastilles just by itself, no scarf. The scarf is too washed out on it.