Need opinions...thanks!

  1. I am not too crazy about the bolide combo but it is a gorgeous bag! It is just not me.

    The blue indigo is beautiful but I would pick other color for myself since I can't splurge buying Hermes like buying other bag, I have to be really selective my choice of colors and leather, styles etc.

    Having said that all the Hermes bags and colors are just hard to resist! I say if you love it, don't worry about what other says.

    I guess I don't really help you. I am sure many wonderful ladies here will open for opinion and give it to you.

    Good luck!:smile:
  2. I personally like the Kelly over the Bolide - for me. However, for you, based on your question - I guess I'm not a fan of Navy with Black. Sometimes (not with Hermes of course) I think of a navy bag with black as just being a weird looking faded black bag (you know how some blacks don't match each other?).

    Between the 2, to wear with Black - I think the Bolide would be better, but it's big!

    If the Birkin or ostrich is out of price range...what about that groovy Plume? I bet black is one of the colors in the vibrato. I personally like brown and black together (but not navy and black), so there is that brown Kelly also to consider.
  3. lovehermes....I had to are SO like me. I don't even have my Croc yet and I'm already planning my next purchase!!!!!

    OK. I love both those bags for sure. And, because I'm having more senior moments than I like to admit, I can't for the life of me remember the other bags you have (except for the black togo 35 Kelly). Here's my 2 could use a Box leather Kelly for sure. I think the Indigo is gorgeous and a color you don't find esaily. It would be a lovely bag for Spring/Summer/Fall. I use my bags in that way.....for example, my Chocolate Sellier is def. my Fall/Winter bag and my Caramel Kelly and Toile/Box combo are my Spring/Summer bags. I see the Indigo worn with white, cream, khaki, grey, brown and jeans of course. I'm sure it can also be worn with black as well. But personally, I'd wear it with jeans most of the time.

    On the other hand, the Bolide is super special because this is a combo you will not see very often at all! A terrific bag because it'll go with everything and can be used as a travel bag because of it's size. You can pack the house inside this puppy! I love it. But then I love the Bolides AND the combo's. I would have seriously thought about this one myself if it had been a 31cm. 37 is just too big for me!

    I think you can't go wrong with either just has to fit your lifestyle, that's all. If I get the chance to buy another Bolide, that's what I'm gonna do in a heartbeat.....well, after the Plume Elan that is.....:rolleyes: :graucho:
  4. I think that the Bolide is stunning! I am considering this myself. I do wear navy and black as well as navy and brown. I wear black all the time, and I would go for the Bolide if you like, make sure that you like. I love the red in the Bolide.
  5. i didnt like the bolide either.. the kelly is really nice but i'm not a fan of box calf skin.. too sensitive.. goodluck :smile:
  6. I like the bolide very much and think it would look great with all the browns for fall. Black and navy can be very chic if it is combined properly. Ususally it is a black bag or shoe with the navy as opposed to a navy bag with black. One of the magazines did a little blurb about combining these two colors in the last month or two. You need to be wearing a sweater/blouse/shirt/jacket that has the two colors for it really to work.
  7. I think the bolide is stunning, :nuts: unusual, a real collectors piece in my opinion. I love bags that stand out in a crowd as different, and wow, that one would!, colorwise, I would wear it with browns, taupes, khaki,
    beige, burgundy, alot of color actually, maybe even black.:P
    The navy kelly is very nice, but not as outstanding, in comparison, and personally I think it is hard to wear navy and black together, (so it does not look like one is faded), so the black has to be true black, and the navy has to show the blueness.:flowers:
  8. Well said, Ava! After giving this more thought, I'm going to vote for the Bolide, Lovehermes. It's really rare and a fantastic price for a 37cm.

    Plus you don't have to think about what you're wearing in order for it to "go", you know?
  9. I prefer the Bolide, only because of the colors though.:heart:
  10. My heart leapt when I saw that Bolide earlier this week. But then, I realized that the leather was more reddish than brownish.

    I love the combination of loden green and tan or dark brown, but am less excited about it with deep red.

    As for the navy Kelly, it's terrific but perhaps a bit large? Maybe not - I like them large. However, I see it more as a springtime bag with navy and white or winter white outfits. It would look smashing with spectator pumps. One last thing... the price is nice!
  11. I LOVE that blue Kelly!!!!!!! I mean I'm seriously in love with it! :love: :love: :love: I have been drooling over it since it first hit their website! :yes: So I vote Kelly!!!! :flowers: But I am a huge Navy blue fan...that and orange are my fav colors.
  12. Same here with the Kelly.
  13. That would be much better looking. I don't particularly care for the Red/Khaki Bolide color combination. It is unique, however, and if you like it that is all that matters.

    I love the blue Kelly. I keep going to visit the site and looking at it too. In fact, I think you should buy that Kelly and take the temptation away from me:P .
  14. That's what I'm hoping too!!!!! :lol: