Need opinions. Should Giant Hardware be matched to bag, skin tone or both?

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  1. I don't have a Bal boutique readily available and will most likely be ordering from the website. I adore the classy, edgy look of Black GGH but I'm a cool skin tone and usually invest in silver or white gold jewelry. So although I usually can't wear gold, this may be a perfect opportunity to splash some gold into my look since the GHW would be sitting against the color of the bag and not necessarily directly against my (pale :P) skin.

    I really need opinions from the more experienced ladies before I take the plunge. Will a Black GGH City look "washed out" on cooler skin tones?
  2. I do not have a GGH bag yet, but I'm planning to get one sooner or later. I have quite pale skin myself, especially during winter, but have never really thought about that GGH is not for me. I think you can wear it! And, as you say, the GGH is on the bag and on you so I would say go for it:tup:
  3. I match it to my bags and clothes, never my skin tone. I think if someone has strong undertones in their skin like pink or olive they may feel differently about colors but my skin tone is very neutral and boring!
  4. Thanks, purses & pugs, for the reassuring comment. I'm probably being much too anal and just want my first Bbag to be absolutely perfect. Sometimes I tend to over think things, lol.

    , if you're one of those rare birds that looks great in both gold and silver (and every shade under the sun), I'm jealous!
  5. Neither. That to me is like trying to match your shoes to your bag. If you love a color/combo go for it.
  6. Bags should be fun and a contrast I think. I sometimes match them to my clothes and sometimes not. Don't think too hard about it like you said. GGH on Black is very pretty and can be dressed up or down and GSH it is a more edgy look. My skin tone changes through the seasons so I never know what colors are best for my skin tone. I wear gold and silver in jewelry and just wear what works for my outfit so why not do the same with a bag? :>)
  7. Well, OP, you sound like me - only wearing silver/white gold with pasty ghost white skin! I'm a little OCD in this regard and am not a fan of mixed metals, so I only do SGH. Plus, I find the SGH edgy but the GGH a little blingy, at least for me.
  8. I don't think your skin tone would make any difference. what ever you feel comfortable wearing would be fine. Black with GSH looks awesome too!
  9. It's too hard to worry about all the combinations of colors of leather, hardware, clothes and your skin! Just grab that bag you love and get out there!

    Some people are just comfortable and confident in their own style and these people look great, with all of their clashes and mismatches and different families of this and that, the whole is more than the parts.
  10. I am very pale with a cool skin tone. I wear whatever bags make me happy and don't worry if the hardware is silver or gold. Just buy whatever you like. I just got a black GGH work and it is stunning!
  11. I don't necessarily think they should "match" but I think the color of the giant hardware should be complementary to the bag's tone. I never worry about matching skin tone to anything.
  12. Buy what you love!
  13. i'm super pale and wear gold and silver jewelry all the time. i used to think that i should just wear silver but i grew out of that and love it all.
  14. I think you should you get what you love and not worry about your skin tone. I think you're correct in thinking it won't matter since it's on the bag. I normally wear white metals but I think everyone needs at least one GGH bag. Black is a nice safe choice if you'll only have one, IMO.