need opinions- re: agenda

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  1. hi!

    i bought myself a monogram agenda recently. but lately i've been thinking i have too much mono. bh, speedy, groom cles, zippy groom. i have bought a little damier- cles and trousse. but i really love epi. i esp love myrtille epi. i like red too. and toledo blue.

    anyway i was thinking maybe i should sell the mono agenda and buy a myrtille one. i *might* be getting a damier speedy and i am deciding what, if anything, i want for the holidays- maybe a red passy.

    what do you think will go best? a myrtille agenda? red? damier? i have a myrtille checkbook cover but i keep it in my zippy wallet.

    i want something that will go but i can't figure out what will.


  2. red epi agenda for all your bags would be fab!:love:
    myrtille as swcond safer choice, but the red would be great with mono or damier.
    good luck!
  3. Let's not rule out vernis!! Vernis items really pack a punch of color to any of the LV lines. The much-anticipated candy apple red is coming out in February, but there's the Rouge (if you can still find one) and Framboise that look shiny and happy with everything.
  4. I like matching I say keep what you have!?! :shrugs:
  5. it's just sooooo much mono, no?

    i'm not sure how i'd like vernis. right now i have a ks gold agenda and i hate it. scratched sooooo easily. i want something super durable.
  6. I don't think so but I carry a lot of mono together. I think it looks very classy with everything matching! Right now I am carrying the manhattan PM with my mono cosmetic pouch, my groom agenda (still mono) and my wappity. I usually also carry my pouchette floretine but it's too tight in this bag.
  7. here's a question. i am now leaning towards red. but if i get a red epi bag or even a damier speedy won't it blend in since the lining is red?
  8. I think the Vernis is pretty durable, thankfully! Mine's stayed 2 semesters in my bookbag everyday and been pressed on by chunky books, moved against by spiral notebooks, sat below lunch containers and not a chip, dent or mark I see on it!
  9. I like a lot of mono, but if you´re bothered buy it, get the red epi, it looks gorge with brown mono canvas.
  10. i like to have various lines in my bag :smile:
  11. Actually, I only liked the epi and suhali, but ended up getting a coach because i didn't really like the ringed design.
  12. I am more matching too - I have the mono agenda, mono PTI and Mono comsmetic case, with mono groom cles - in my mono bags - I like how it looks - but you're right - it IS a lot of mono.

    I love the red epi - that would pack a punch of color and still go with all your bags. I looked at the red when I bought my mono agenda, but I was worried about wear on the corners and I knew the mono would be so durable. I'm really hard on things like wallets and agendas (on the agenda - I work in the legal field and I use it so much).

    If you like the color though, I like the epi red (or blue) - but love Mandarin too.
  13. ok i am now torn. red, myrtille, mocha or lilac (if i could ever find one) argh. i want to get it now but i don't know which to buy!
  14. ITA

    or perle vernis, that would go well too
  15. Out of those I would vote RED! It's so fun!