Need opinions pls....

  1. i'm 35 years old, mother of 2 cutie girls :biggrin: i've been wanting the pink cambon before. now, i would have the chance of owning one. am i not too old for that color?

    now, i'm choosing between these 2 cambons. pls help me decide:




    your help will be very much appreciated :heart:
  2. No, you are not too old for pink. I prefer the white & black but you have to be really careful with white. White & black goes with more unless you have a lot of pink in your wardrobe. They are both really cute bags!
  3. You're never too old for pink! It's so cute and girly. Go for pink, age is just a number. Plus your girls will love it too, you have to start them young on the purse addiction;)
  4. :heart:
  5. Pink is just a color and anyone at any age can wear it IMO. Both bags are lovely! However, I think the black/white combo is more classic.
  6. thanks ladies. just as i'm thinking nikki, if i don't use it much. my girls will use time :biggrin:
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