need opinions please.....

  1. i am thinking of getting another jumbo classic flap in beige. what do you all think about the color? I like the color, but not sure if it will go with my skin tone. I am asian with yellowish skin tone. so i am worried it will look "too yellow".
    I showed my husband a pic from tpf and he does not like it too much.

    i appreciate any opinions, especially from my fellow asians who have the beige....
  2. i m asian, and due to the yellow skintone, it doesnt look as good as the other colors
  3. thats what i am worried about....
    its just...
    i really feel the need to buy another classic before the price increase. any suggestion as to what color?
  4. Jet blue!
  5. i am Asian, and Chanel's beige doesn't flatter our skintone at all, even my korean friends w/very light skintone still can pass it.
  6. what color(s) you already have, in what material?
  7. how bout a white one? do you think it will flatter our asian skin tone?
  8. White white white! Or purple or navy patent if you can find it.
  9. i agree with purple and white classics too !!! also, what about um... PINK ??? I think it looks darn good on Asian -->Classic Chic !
  10. I vote for white too.
  11. White or Navy Patent :yes:
  12. me_love_purse, I am asian and I just recently got the beige. It is a very lovely color!! If you have been checking out my pics lately-it's in the reference library and I just posted a new thread about it-you would think the beige is very yellowy. It is not like that, I took pics in my bathroom which has yellow lighting. I have tanner/mocha colored skin, I get mistaken for Filipina alot. The beige looks awesome on me too. I think the stark white color is the worst for MY skin tone. But some lighter skinned asians may be able to pull it off.

    The flash in my pics may have enhanced the yellowness but IRL, it's not like that at all. I think it's a color staple for your Chanel collection. I love it. I loved how it looked on Penelope Cruz, she's pretty close to my skin tone. Hope you make your decision.

  13. I think dark blue would be really pretty but too close to beige. Red would be another option too and is appropriate "Asian" especially if you do gold hardware. LOL!