Need opinions please

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  1. I am new to LV, this is my small collection.
    My husband let me order a few things before the price increase, and I'm still waiting on one more item. This is what came today
    I am waiting on the multicolor cosmetic pouch. I can only keep one key holder and one cosmetic pouch. I really want a SLG in DE and one in MC. I'm leaning towards keeping the DE key holder and the MC cosmetic pouch. Would you recommend doing that? Or would you keep the MC key holder and DE GM cosmetic pouch? Is there a big difference in the cosmetic pouch size? I really only had enough stuff in the GM pouch to fill it about halfway. The MC pouch should be delivered tomorrow. I do not have a LV store by me, so I can only go by pictures and YouTube videos.
  2. I'd keep the MC key holder (because I think MC is lovely on small pieces) and the DE cosmetic pouch. If you like the smaller size pouch, I'd still go for it in the DE.
  3. I would keep the DE cosmetic pouch and the DE key holder :smile:

    But to answer your question --

    I prefer the DE key holder and the Multicolor Cosmetic Pouch since you don't carry enough to fill the GM anyways...
  4. Keep the DE key holder and the MC cosmetic case and this is why....

    You will hold the key holder in your hand. Your hands will sometimes have oils and lotions on them. You might bump your keys, brush them up against your car (and if you're like me, the car is often dirty). DE can take a great beating and still look beautiful.

    The MC cosmetic pouch will fill up your purse with it's happy colors. It will brighten your mood every time you look inside your bag. The DE while lovely, is dark inside your purse. No wow factor.

    Let us know what you decide!
  5. Lovely collection! I would keep a matched set rather than one of each.
  6. Tough choice! The DE key holder can fit cards and cash behind the pocket - it looks like a 6 key holder? Whereas mc won't. But having said that, I was desperate for the mc cosmetic pouch until I saw it IRL. Not sure why... Lovely but not for me. So definitely wait until you see it in person :smile:

    also, I originally got a GM in mono and later purchased pomme pm because the gm was just too large! I can use it as a clutch with cosmetics, wallet, mirror and phone!
    Good luck
  7. +1

  8. +1!!!😊
  9. The DE key holder is the 6 key. This is really all I would keep in the cosmetic bag.
  10. +2
  11. beautifuly stated
  12. +1 have to agree with this

  13. Agree. The de pouch will go with more bags as you grow your collection!
  14. Well...MC came today and I absolutely love it! I ended up giving my mom the MC 4 key holder. My husband asked if I needed to keep the DE GM I am debating about keeping the GM or exchanging for the DE PM. Or maybe even a zippy coin purse lol! Please excuse any spelling errors and horrible pic, I just got home from my moms and I have been awake almost 48 hours now. Goodnight!
  15. I would love more advice/opinions, thanks.