need opinions please!!!!!

  1. hi everyone!
    first of all I want to wish everybody a happy and healthy 2008 .I hope everyone's wishes will come true in this upcoming new year.
    I have a dilemma that I am facing.
    I read on Saturday that there was a gold birkiing on wall street. so today I went early in the morning to see if by a slim chance it was available. I really wanted to help out a friend. anyway while I was there I got talked into buying a Kelly wallet which is gorgeous,but not what I needed at this time. I had a gift card which I was holding towards a birkin fund so I used that and added another $1500 I should not have at this time. what do I do now? do I keep the wallet and use it as a clutch or return it and keep the credit towards a future birkin or a Kelly? how do they look upon returns? will it effect me in a negative way or is it ok?
    what would you guys do?
    please help! I am very confused:s
  2. Hi rogicoco, happy New Year! If you don't want it, return it for store credit, absolutely no problem.
  3. It sounds like by keeping this wallet, you're that much further away from a coveted item, and that you might have bought it in a moment of weakness. If it were me in this situation, I'd return it.
  4. buyers remorse, absolutely return for a store credit and hold out for what you really want.
  5. Oh, gosh, return it. You will feel so much better!! And you will then have the gift card to use toward your Birkin!
  6. i agree....return it if your having second thoughts....i would either do store credit or buy something else if there's anything else u want!!
  7. Definitely return it!!
    i will go on wedensday to return it even though i hate doing that.
    when i was at the store i really was not looking for anything else at the time but the sa started showing me different things and then when i saw the wallet she said it will be difficult for me to find it the future and that it will be wise of me to get it now. well i reacted in the moment of weakness because i did not want to miss out on it.
    is it true that it may be limited?
  9. It is so easy to get sucked up by the moment...I've been there. I wouldn't worry about the availability of the wallet if you are saving for a Birkin.
  10. I had an SA try to pull that on me, too. She was trying to gently pressure me into buying something that was almost but not quite what I wanted. I learned a lesson from my DH, that more often than not it is better to wait. So I passed (although it was difficult) and still had no problem getting the item I wanted a few days later.

    So my advice is return without remorse. Put the store credit towards the Hermes item you really want.
  11. I will say that you may end up having access only to what you stumble across rather than getting what you want. Hermes definitely rewards the customers that buy the brand as opposed to those who only want birkins or other special bags.........I am not saying you should keep something you dont want but think about what bag you want and how likely you are to get it
  12. I Bought other things such as belts, scarves,bracelets and several dogon wallets and of course kelly bags and a birkin. so i would like to think of myself as a customer there and not just someone who wants a birkin. i do however want a birkin in a neutral tone something i could wear year round. as much as i love my rose dragee and chartreuse i would like something less colorful so i started another birkin fund. i never returned anything before except something i received as a christmas gift that i knew for sure i would never use. this kelly wallet will be my first return ever. i would keep it if i had unlimited funds but i do not have such resources so that's why i have to make a choice.
  13. okay definitely important additional information. yes i agree.............
  14. you know what i think already!! good luck, and happy new year!
  15. I would return it. That is enough of a hefty price to be something you should simply love and can't imagine not having. Use the credit towards something you will *LOVE* and you will never regret that.

    I've bought things under pressure and impulse (specifically after being told of something's rarity) only to realize that I simply couldn't use it. I was honest with the SA and they understood and never penalized me in any way, nor did it affect my getting offered choice items.

    BTW, I find that SAs keep telling me new items are rare only to find that the item in a few months time can be found in most boutiques. The Lindy and Barenia accessories are two items that were emphasized as being very hard to get and yet I see variations of both all the time now. Don't feel bad about caving in and buying, SAs can be quite good at helping one over the edge.