Need Opinions PLEASE!!!!!!!

  1. So I am trying to decide on a Black shoulder bag and have LOTS of dilemmas .... I already have a Balenciaga Day in Brown so I know this style works for me BUT I also already a Black Balanciaga City .... if I keep the Chanel that is the only one I can keep b/c it was $2295 but it comes with a $300 Saks Gift Card .... OR ... I can return it and get the Bal Day and one of the others ... Also I already have a Chanel Black Cerf Tote too besides the Black City ...

    YSL Tribute - $1520 with Tax

    Balenciaga Day - ONLY $763 on! $995 Retail at BalNY

    Tod's Black Patent Restyled D Bag Medium - $1550 can maybe also get this at Sak's with No Tax & still get GC

    Tod's Gray Patent D Bag Small - $1100 plus Tax/Shipping - but might be out of stock
  2. Balenciaga Day

  3. Chanel Expandable Tote

  4. YSL Tribute

  5. Tod's Black Patent D Bag Medium

  6. Tod's Gray Patent D Bag Small

  7. Here is a pic of me with my Brown Balenciaga Day

  8. and of me with the Chanel ...

  9. here is a borrowed pic of the YSL ...

  10. Oh, and I forgot to say that I also wanted a Patent bag and maybe a Gray bag so was trying to incorporate all three .... but a Black shoulder bag is first priority!!!
  11. I really like the Balenciaga Day and it suits you really well. They are all nice bags but the leather on the Day looks squishy and wonderful.
  12. Balenciaga gets my vote!
  13. Normally, I would say Balenciaga b/c I am a big fan, but I really do like that Chanel tote a lot! I would keep it, personally. THe price is definitely bothersome but if it's within your budget, it's a keeper!
  14. Out of all of them I love the Chanel the most, Bal, can I have William for casting my vote? :nuts:

  15. How about a dirty one with fangs :roflmfao:

    sorry everyone, inside joke!!!