Need opinions please.

  1. Hi all,

    I was thinking, do many of you have different bags from different lines of LV? Mono canvas, MC, Vernis, etc.? How do you feel about buying all the same mono canvas if that's what you love? Or do you feel that it's wasted money to keep buying essentially the "same" thing??? Thanks for the info!!
  2. Mono is classic...I think you should absolutely do it if you want it. Remember, they are your treasures!
  3. everyone has different taste, if you really like the pattern why not ?
  4. i tend to buy from different lines - just the bags I love:love:
  5. It's completely individual. I have seen some fantastic collections with dozens of monogram pieces. Some people want a little of each. I can never make up my mind, so I tend to be in the latter group! I would like to end up with a cohesive collection. Right now, it doesn't look very well thought out, kwim? Just kind of random. But that's because I like so many different things!
  6. I must admit that until now I only have mono pieces, but just because they are the most affordable. I would love to have epi and monogram mat pieces!

    most of the other lines I don't like though.
  7. Mono and MC dominate my collection. I don't repeat any of the styles though but to each his own. If you only like mono pieces then go for it. Mono is classic!!!:love:
  8. I tend to buy by the style of the bag and not so much the material it's made of....however, with LV I am more partial to the Epi leather than the monogram. It's all in what you fall in love with...after all, these are your treasures and you should have what makes you happy!
  9. Monogram is a versatile and classic design. I have 4 brown monogram bags and 2 multicolor monogram bags but I do not limit myself with only that. I think any closet should have versatility because we do not wear a uniform day in day out. It would be better if you mix in some other lines just to spice up your collection.
  10. I say buy what you like. For me I don't think I'd want bags that all look too similar just slightly different styles. I have one mono bag which is a Speedy 30. I may get one more mono bag in the future. That would be enough for me. I have a red epi Speedy 30 and a mandarine epi Jasmin. Because these bags are different colors and styles I wouldn't mind having a black epi bag or a myrtle epi bag in a different style.
  11. I tend to like all different styles, although I am big on vernis.
  12. If that is what you love then no opinions from us are needed! Do whatever it is makes you happy & enjoy your fabulous bags! Whichever they may be!
  13. I prefer the monogram line, I had vernis and MC items and I just decided they weren't really for me. Maybe I'll fall in love with them in the future, but good old monogram for me !
  14. It could only perhaps be considered "the same thing" if you bought (for example) 4 mono speedies: a 25, 30, 35, and a 40. Otherwise, the mono canvas has so many styles of bags that even if your collection was predominantly mono, it will still have alot of variety because of the many styles. If you really like mono, then by all means, buy it: after all, the important thing is to buy what you love.
  15. Well said Eyelove!