need opinions please!!!!

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Quilted Jazz Bag (Black) - Handbags
    what do you guys think of this bag? is it for people who are MJ "wannabes" but can't buy the "real thing"? would love some opinions...i love the bag...have bought some MJ bags and have ended up selling them on eBay after a, was thinking of getting this one since it's not as expensive as MJ...really want some honest opinions of the MBMJ line!
    thanks!!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. I think this bag is cute but I like the one in blue. I think you should get whatever you feel comfortable with :yes:
  3. Ya another gal got the blue one AND The matching wallet and they both looked so cute together!!

    I think the MBMJ bags are generally younger and hipper. so it depends on your taste and style.
  4. I really like this bag too. I think you should go for whichever bag you like best!!
  5. It's a really cute bag. I saw an other TPFer that bought the blue one as well. It looks GREAT! Made me want to run out and grab it.
  6. It's a very cute bag! Post pics if you get it!
  7. I think it is really cute!! I also really like the blue... but get what you really love, and are going to be comfortable with!:smile:
  8. i really don't like it and for the price over $400 i would get something i really said that you tend sell your mj bags maybe you can wait till you find something that makes you drool:graucho: