Need opinions please :)

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  1. Hello everybody, I need some help. I am planning to buy a mini and I have these 2 options .
    1- dark silver with ruthenium hardware
    2 black with gold hardware
    I presently own,
    black reissue ruthenium hardware
    Black jumbo with silver hardware
    black WOC silver hrd
    fullsizeoutput_1558.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1559.jpeg
  2. Love them both. As they say, which makes your heart sing?
  3. My vote is the black with gold hw...does t sound like you have any gold in your collection!
  4. Seriously they are both amazing ! I like the the colour combo of the black and gold one but I also think I like the shape of the silver ruthenium one !
    I think the gold one is less sturdy looking ...
  5. The dark silver/ruthenium is neutral and the black/gold "pops." Which one works best with your style?
  6. That’s the problem, I feel there is time and place for them both !
  7. I would definitely choose the first one.

    Try them on, and see which one u love more.
    Good luck in deciding.
  8. Both are beautiful but I say gold hw because your current bags all have silver hw or Rhw.
  9. I think you should go with the gold because you have a small woc in silver.