Need opinions: pics of Aqua & Sandstone City w/Yummy leather

  1. Girls i need your help again. :p Which one of these would you choose? they both have soft and yummy leather.:drool: I just got them this morning from Saks and i have to choose one and send the other back.:sad: Thanks.:heart:
    IMG_2291 (2).JPG IMG_2292 (2).JPG IMG_2293 (2).JPG IMG_2294 (2).JPG IMG_2295 (2).JPG
  2. Nanaz keep the aqua!!!
  3. nanaz - I'd say keep the aqua just cuz you already have the naturel!
  4. Would you say your photo of the aqua looks like that IRL?

    If it truly looks like this photo (borrowed from Pinkchristie)~ then I am in love with the aqua!


  5. exactly! :yes:
  6. Yes NANAZ,
    I say go with JADECEE, shes right.
    And alreaddy congrats with your new bag.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  7. Aqua, absolutely!
  8. My vote to aqua. I am in love :heart:with the color.
  9. Keep the aqua!!!!
  10. AQUA! I am so happy you found it! It's too early to drink to celebrate or I would. Keep the aqua, your natural with gh is TDF. You have to give us updated pics of your collection!
  11. Aqua~! Same reason!
  12. ^^ ditto, i :heart: the aqua!!! :tender:
  13. Aqua!! The leather seems smoother too :smile:
  14. another vote for aqua!
  15. I say AQUA ALL way!!! I love both colors but to me the leather on the Aqua is better. CONGRATS!!!!!!:yahoo: