Need opinions - Peach or Silver Graffiti Pochette?

  1. I've been seriously lusting after a Graffiti pochette for ages now. I've decided to finally buy one... I'm just wondering which one is cuter, the peach or the white-silver? I'd like some opinions :biggrin:
  2. I like the silver just a little bit better than the peach.
  3. Peach!!!
  4. Need more opinions, lol.
  5. I love both, I already have the peach but want to get the silver someday too.
    But the peach won out first for me, it's such a pretty, different color!
  6. I love the peach better!!
  7. my vote's for the peach!
  8. Looks like peach is winning! :smile:
  9. i like the peach too! it's such a pretty color!
  10. I think the peach is nicer well
  11. I like the silver - I think the writing stands out more, and the color is cooler!

    Good luck deciding!
  12. I like the PEACH just a bit more. :yes:
  13. white silver! goes with anything :smile:
  14. Is the white writing actually silver or just white?
  15. Silver!