Need opinions on white bags

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  1. You must have been thinking about me when you picked that would be the first or 3rd for me. Close up on the last bag is really nice this is a tough decision but the 2nd is definately out for me.
  2. I think I like the first one best.
  3. I prefer the white Marc Jacobs. It's simple but classy.
  4. Yes, that was my thinking. It would not look out-of-date after a couple of years. But do you think it looks too dressy to wear on weekends?
  5. I thought the same way but when it came to capri's, shorts, sundresses, etc... I decided to go for fun and studs!
  6. To me, the white MJ bag is more for work and the other 2 bags you posted are more for casual outings. Are you looking for a bag for work or casual?
  7. I like the shape of the kooba more. I am not a fan of the buckle on the Marc Jacobs.
  8. i love the kooba in white, but it is very casual, so if you want something dressier, i'd go with the mj, its also beautiful!
  9. I vote for the Kooba- I find ivory can be a difficult color - If your clothes have any white in them, for me, ivory is out - white is great and goes with shoes and belts so beautifully.
  10. I vote Kooba; if you are looking for a little less "trendy" have you checked out the Carlos Falchi SS collection?

    CF leather is to die for and they are slouchy like Kooba; but, less adornded, like MJ.
  11. I vote for the Kooba. One of the nice things about white/ivory bags is that they can look so clean and cool and uncluttered. I don't feel the MJ or the Rafe are uncluttered. The Kooba is a nice stretch of cool leather.
  12. I vote for the MJ. It's simple and sophisticated.
  13. My vote's for something from the Suhali line, I love the suhali leathers and the bags just look so clean and stylish !
  14. MJ is my pick. The Leather will stay clean longer we are talking White. For this Summer the other two will be in but the hardware look my go out. The Bags just can not get much more on them than they have now. Locks Keys etc...