Need opinions on whether to Ebay a purse or not


Ritz vs Retro

  1. Keep the Ritz

  2. Ebay Ritz - get Retro

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  1. Okay, so I purchased the black patent Ritz bag a couple of months ago. I loved it at first, but now that I've seen the black patent retro bag, I'm thinking I want it instead. I don't want both. So, my question is, should I eBay the Ritz and get the Retro? I've only had the Ritz outside of the house a handful of times, so it's in perfect condition, but I'm sure I'll still take a huge loss, but I relly love that retro bag! For reference, the first pic is the Ritz bag I have (pic borrowed from Mon) and the second is the Retro I want (borrowed pic from another pfer). What to do?​
    Ritz%20PM%2011-7-06.jpg Retro%202.jpg
  2. oh no but the Ritz is such a gorgeous bag!! :love::love: Are u sure u can bear to part with it? :crybaby:
  3. Have you tried on a Retro? Looks a tad chubby (width), but it does look nice with the silver trim. Without trying the Retro it would be difficult to do a fair comparison. A lot has to do with the feel and hang of the purse. And the Ritz -- I second that it's a beautiful purse.
  4. Only prob. is you def. won't get what you paid for it on eBay.
  5. i'll get the retro :drool:
  6. Never seen that retro bag before, it is absolutely gorgeous!! :drool:
    Guess what I voted? Retro :yahoo:
  7. I think You should keep the ritz. It's beautiful!
    I don't know about the silver trim on the retro, it's nice and all, but I'm afraid that it might show scratches too much. :s
  8. I like the Ritz a lot better, not too keen on that metal trim on the Retro.
  9. Keep the ritz!! It is a special, gorgeous bag!! don't be crazy!!
  10. i voted for the ritz as well! i don't like the silver trim on the retro
  11. LOVE the Ritz! The retro nice, but I think I would tire of the retro whereas the Ritz is more timeless and more "Chanel".
  12. My thoughts too :smile:
  13. I would say keep the Ritz for now. Down the road you may regret selling it. I have gone through so many phases with handbags. I will see a purse that I absolutely love and that's all I can think about. A great example is when the Dior vintage logo travel bags came out, I thought I needed to have one. I had to save a bit of money for it so in the mean time I went to Saks every week to try it on. Within a month or two, I completely lost interest. I still think the bag is great but I am sooooo glad that I didn't spend 1,500 of my hard earned dollars. I guess what I'm trying to say is wait a bit. If you find that you can't live without this bag in a month or two, then buy it. But the one thing that you never want to do is regret selling a gorgeous bag.
  14. I think the Ritz is absolutely gorgeous!!! I would keep it!
  15. the ritz is stunning! and if you get rid of it you won't be able to truthfully say "i'm puttin' on the ritz" anymore.

    sorry, i'm goofy.