Need opinions on Veneta over time

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  1. I purchased a Medium Veneta about a month ago from BG and have yet to carry her. Will the Veneta style soften with use? Will she slouch? When I first got my Sloane I have to admit, I was apprehensive b/c the base lines seemed so 'hard' but she soften very quickly and is now just divine! Will the Veneta do the same? I really like her size, the Large is just too big for everyday and I want to use her as my everyday brown bag. Last night I filled her with my things and she looked stiff, so I took it out again...
    Tell me about your Venetas and how they wear...
  2. LT bag lady- Hi, yes they do soften up.. I have a medium black veneta that I use on occasion.. ( I switch my bags around a lot) It has softened and the strap has slightly elongated.. I wear it more on the crook of my arm as it is not comfy on the shoulder with a coat..I get lots of stares when I wear this bag...It is also a great day to evening bag where it isn't so big, and it gives a slightly more elegant look than the larger venetas.. Hope I have helped
  3. Thank you prestwick! That is very helpful. I was wondering about the handle elongating. The shape of 'new' bag just seems to stiff and flat, kwim? Everytime I tired this bag on in the shop, I put it down b/c of the 'flat' shape. Thanks for the reassurance.
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    hi LT Bag Lady, i agree with prestwick that they do soften up... when i first got my medium nero veneta it looked so square and stiff... but after a couple months of on and off use (about 10), the handle has stretched a little and the bag now hangs beautifully... maybe you could try putting your stuff in your med. veneta and hanging it on a door knob or something before you take it out to let it stretch and soften? I brought my veneta to work today and she looks great! i took a quick picture and here she is!

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  5. A couple days ago, I saw a woman wearing a large black veneta that had slouched into the most beautiful drapey hobo. So different from when it is new and square.
  6. Never fear, LT Bag Lady, your Veneta will slouch and drape into a yummy shape. Hanging on a doorknob is good idea. To hasten the slouch, add a couple of cans of soup to it.
  7. I've heard you guys talk about the cans of soup before, now I understand... hummm...

    I actually took her out today and she is the perfect size for me so I will be patient and wait for her to settle into her shape!

    Thanks for the pic Jeshika! your Veneta is beautiful!
    Thanks adoptastray,
  8. I have been using my large Veneta quite alot sice Christmas and she has softened up very nicely. Love it! She is a gorgeous bag.