Need Opinions on This Tote..Un Apres Midi

  1. What do you all think about this tote? It is an Apres Midi De Chien..$ you think it has a "cheap" look to it? Just wondering what your thoughts are! Thanks!!


  2. It looks nice. Have you seen it in real life? Or can it be returned easily if you don't end up liking it?
  3. i've seen a lot of their stuff and have really liked it...lots of pockets and organizational stuff...not crazy about this one though...sorry... : (
  4. I like the color, but not the style. Sorry.
  5. I think it's cute color!
  6. I do like Apres Midi but for some reason I'm not loving the tan/blue combo. Are there other colors in that style?
  7. The color I love but I only see this style most with either a burberry trench or something worn by the 40 plus crowd. It's the type of bag that age stamps and it does kind of look like a cheap version of something great.
  8. I think it's cute, but then I'm forty plus! Unfortunately, some purses photograph well, but look cheap IRL. Have you seen the real thing?
  9. not for me.
  10. I'm not in love with it but I don't dislike it...