need opinions on this matt & nat bag

  1. it's from their japanese paper collection. i'm looking to use it as an everyday, non-work bag, because i'm sick of carrying around my heavy work bag when i just need to run to the grocery store! tia :smile: (and sorry for the super-huge pic - it's either really tiny or really big, no inbetween)

  2. i LOVE it...very pretty. love the texture and the color too :drool:
  3. Very cool looking!
  4. Matt & Nat bags are nice, the prices are pretty good but I have heard that since they do not use leather (they are animal friendly designers) that the material for their bags is PVC. If that is true, they charge too much for the bags. Nonetheless they are cute and their designers are pretty trendy. Good luck!
  5. i love it. mind me asking where you can get this bag?
  6. You can get them on
  7. carries the line, but not this particular bag. i was looking at and, both of which carry this bag, the small autobahn in plum japanese paper.
  8. Love the color!
  9. The plum is my favourite colour in the Japanese paper. I love Matt and Nat bags. They are usually very light and comfortable to carry, and styles like this one make it easy to find your keys, wallet, cellphone, etc.

    I want a Bond Street, but can't decide on a colour.
  10. I like it; let us know if you get it and how you find it.
  11. I think it's cute, I've been considering buying one of their bags but I haven't seen them IRL.
  12. love it!
  13. I'm not a big fan of it. It looks too slouchy for me.
  14. I really like it!
  15. The Japanese Paper bags are fab. And downright cheap, PVC or not.