Need opinions on this leopard print hobo, please

  1. Am I going to hate that it's calf hair? Is it going to rub off easily?
    Does it get dirty easily? Has anyone seen one in real life??

    I'm torn - I think I'll love it, but this voice in my mind keeps telling me I won't....
    sigh....opinions, please! Thanks!

  2. I LOVE it!
    Its gorgeous!
  3. Hi Moogle - Please consider how much you think you'll be using this bag. As for me, I was (at one point) falling for an Alex in Pony hair and second time around, the Saba Zebra in Pony (again!). My SA talked me out of it :noworry:(yup, he did and I love him for that! because he knew I was looking for a "strong" bag).
    Keeping it clean and pretty will be in your hands. So IMHO, see what your priorities really are then take it from there. Usability vs look? What do want for texture? How about Longevity?

    Some fellow tPfers who actually own some can give you better advice on how they are and how to take care of them.

    And I must say Animal prints are feverish lately! Goodluck on your decision!:woohoo:
  4. I have a similair bag in that wildcat print and love it!!!! Mine is the Arad, so it has a metal chain and I think it is smaller than the Ayse. It is the softest hair bag and absolutley gorgeous IRL. I don't think it will show dirt much, but I will not be using it as an everday bag. I posted pics in the Wildcat for a wild chick thread.
  5. beautiful. :love:i truly love it, i'd probably baby it a bit and not use it for everyday were i to be brave enough to do more than admire it from afar.:girlsigh:
  6. I love it! I'm getting really drawn to animal prints lately, and you can't beat that one! It's beautiful. Definitely a "yes"!
  7. It looks gorgeous!
    I too have been afraid of the perceived delicate nature of some of the exotic bags in the past. I did recently order a pony hair bag. I ordered it because I love the style and pattern of the bag and think it will give a boost to my wardrobe . I pretty much baby my bags anyways and don't use the same bag all the time. For added protection buying the exotic bag from NM or BG gives you a little more protection. If the bag falls apart in the first year they will honor your return. I really appreciate their generous return policy especially on such expensive items. Good luck with your decision.
  8. I think it is a gorgeous bag... Good luck with your decision, it is currently half off at by the way.
  9. I nabbed it off NM last night. Originally $2425, marked down to $1818, then 40% off that, which put the price I paid at just a little over $1000.

    This would not be an everyday bag....It would be right next to my Fendi Squirrel. To look at, and be usedwhen the weather and occaision are right.:rolleyes:

    Forgot to thank everyone for their opinion!!!! Thanks all!
  10. That is a really nice bag! And for the price you got it for, wow! :yahoo: Congratulations and enjoy!! :tup: