Need opinions on this Juicy...

Jan 3, 2006
I am not a fan, but this bag really struck me as a great summer bag. Does anyone have this bag or has seen this in person?



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I usually don't care for Juicy bags (too gaudy with all the bright colors, metallics, and bling), but I like this one. I must admit, though, the shape does remind me of an LV Noe. In addition to being a nice summer bag, it probably wouldn't be a bad choice for someone who likes the Noe shape, but needs something a little more affordable.
Aw, I really like it! When I think of Juicy I usually picture lots of bright colors, but this is just as cute! Actually I think I like it more because of the fact that it doesnt have all kinds of crazy bright colors and that ginormous cursive Juicy logo on it.