Need Opinions on this Jacket? PICS INCLUDED!

  1. I really want a black leather jacket and this one is finally on sale... Opinions?

  2. Hmm I'm not really 100% on the style...I think you'd have to be super skinny to pull it off..
  3. I don't think the arm holes look like they're cut high enough for a sleek fit, which this jacket would require.
  4. Very good points!! Thanks for the feedback! You gals just saved me $400! :tup:
  5. HOT HOT HOT!!

    saw that on was really thinking about it...

    and that model is clearly wearing the wrong size.

    that jacket, a long tee, knee skirt your favorite pumps and maybe a "handbag" (like the Louis Vuitton speedy) or any boston are on your way to looking like a first class snob!! (the good kind)
  6. Not really a fan but I think that's the models fault...
  7. It's not the models fault it's the poor cut of the jacket. The armholes are too large under the arm seam and too low down the body of the jacket hence pulling up when she has her hands on her hips and it's too large in the body. If she had worn a size smaller it would have looked even worse
  8. i dont know kinda reminds me of michael jackson

  9. ok, but look at the way the underarms stick out when she has her hands on her hips. a well fitted jacket shouldn't do that. I bet if she raises her hands, the sleeves would reach past her wrists.

    its not unheard of for models to model clothes that aren't their exact size.
  10. Exactly! It's ill fitting and poorly made. The sleeves fit her but the body is too small and the arms too low
  11. I'm not a fan of this jacket.
  12. very cute jacket!!
  13. It's so BLAH on the model..maybe it will look cuter on you. :amuse:
  14. Reminds me of a blk trash bag...those big ones.

    -def. not worth 400!!!!!
  15. I don't like it very much... apart from the problem with the sleeve cut, it's a bit too short for my taste.