Need opinions on this Gucci Boston Horsebit bag combo please!

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    What do you all think of this bag as an everyday bag for a 26 year old who likes to dress ladylike? The bag was $783, originally $1595, the wallet $250, originally $475. Is this a good deal, a keeper? Or is this too flashy and orange? I am looking for something to match with everything that looks luxe. Would I be better off with a Dolce and Gabbana bag or a MJ Stam? Thoughts please...
  2. Great bag at a great price!!! A very classy everyday bag! It is definitely not too flashy. I love the color. I say it's a keeper !!!
  3. I think they are beautiful and classy but not too old for you. They look like a cognac or luggage color in the picture not too orange at all. The prices are great too and I love that you can get a matchng wallet to go with it. I think that is the icing on the cake and really makes you look totally put together! Definately go for iti!!!
  4. Cute bag and wallet. That would go with a lot.
  5. I really like the should keep it? If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it at such a good price? Does the strap actually buckle like some LV's do or is it a snap closure?
  6. I am always checking the web for deals, and it popped up along with a Gucci Medium Black leather hobo for $521.57 tax included and a Medium Velvet boston bag for $893.31 with tax at Neiman's online. I have been debating whether to return those too, because the Gucci Medium hobo retails for $980 at Gucci right now, and the velvet was $1,395 original but I can't just keep every sale bag I get.

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  7. I say keep the cognac purse/wallet combo and the black horsebit hobo. They're both classic. I'd recommend returning the velvet--I think it's something you could get tired of and is somewhat limiting since it's velvet...
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    This bag can look more orange depending on the lighting too, which makes me hesitate a little.

    I also found a Prada Logo Frame bag for $796 (tax and shipping included, without: $723)and a small Prada Rose print bag for $654 (tax and shipping included, without tax and ship:585.54), and a Tod's Kate for $625 (tax and shipping included, without tax and ship:$550).

    Prada Logo Frame


  9. Prada Rose Print




    be_1.jpg d1_1.jpg
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    I also found this Gucci for $650, originally $1000+ without tax. I also have the matching wallet for $200, originally $475.

    I do a lot of bargain shopping and when I see something I get it, but when the return policy time is nearing I have to make choices.

    The original price of the Tod's was $1,100
    Prada Rose Print: $1,395
    Prada Frame: $1,395
    Both prada bags have a leather interior which is nice.
  11. It is hard to pass up a sale item when it is the last one!