Need opinions on this CL shoe

  1. What do you ladies think of this?
    I was looking for some slides that I can wear with my dresses during the day. Something I could wear for example if I'm going shopping or to lunch. This would suit the style that I need, but I don't know about the big bow and it being satin. All opinions are welcomed.
  2. i love those,gem(i want them in hot pink)...and i can understand your concern mainly because of the being once considered a dressy material...but hey bip the "rule"... i can see you lunching and shopping in em:yes:
  3. I can def see them for both day and night. And the heel is short enough wear it would be comfy for the shopping and lunch thing.
  4. I agree. You could dress them up or down and they could elevate a more basic outfit into something special.
  5. I tend to think of satin as more of an evening shoe material, but they are definitely cute and if others think you can get away with them for the day then who am I to doubt it?
  6. I say go for it. You live in Miami and when I lived there I did whatever I wanted to fashion wise. You can get away with it! Plus they are CLs. Who the heck is going to say you are committing some sort of fashion faux paux? LOL
  7. I love them! Also, Peter Tay, the personal shopper at Saks, NY, told me he has those in patent. So you may want to call him if you are concerned about the satin. I don't think this shoes looks too dressy to wear during the day.
  8. gemruby, they're so cute. i'd wear them everywhere!!
  9. These dont look too dressy at all - low heel and open back. Go for it!
  10. This will be really comfy and classy! Definitely can be worn casually or with a fancy dress even.
  11. I agree with all the ladies here and think this shoe is really cute and could be used for the day (lunch/shopping shoe) and transition into night!

    I've also seen those in patent as well (black pink and nude) at Saks Phoenix! Call Anne Roundy for details and tell her Valerie sent you!
  12. Ok ladies, I took the plunge. I ordered them from Nordstrom, and they only had one left in my size :yahoo:. I should be getting them this week and will post pics. Thanks for the great advice.
  13. I'm not concerned with the "satin for day" situation, but more of the "satin is easier to ruin than leather." if you are looking for an everyday throw on shoe, satin would not be my first choice material.

    And like CJY said, if there is patent i think it would more wearable.