Need opinions on this beige/beige patent Cambon tote

  1. I found the last two in the country and am really on the fence about the color. I love beige, but has anyone seen this bag IRL who can tell me if it is a peachy beige or a more yellow beige like the beige/black CC Reporter?

    Need to make up my mind in an hour!
  2. Ah Roey, I don't know. It just seems so bland. I've seen it IRL but that was ages ago. Did you decide?
  3. Not liking the beige on beige.., neither the black on black..
  4. I actually like it - it's understated and neutral.
  5. I am going to buy it. I've wanted a Cambon tote for a long time in either beige or brown and the brown is long sold out. And although the black/black patent combo is beautiful and timeless, I am saturated with black Chanel bags - 5 total, 2 are totes. I had the black/black patent on order and canceled it.

    I know the Cambon is an older style, but I really like it. The color may look flatter in the photo than IRL.

    Thanks for the replies gals; I realize this isn't a coveted bag du jour right now!
  6. Way to go Roey! I'm also going to get a Cambon Flap... One more week to go! :biggrin: I'm really excited!!
  7. I really like the cambon ligne. My favorite is the black on black combo. Let us know how you like it when it arrives.
  8. I have the beige bowler with vlack CC's it is a lovely nude beige not yellowy or pinky at all you'll love it. I always found the Caviar beiges too brown/taupe looking.
  9. I have the beige/beige bowler and I love the color. It is not at all bland. I think the tote is gorgeous and would definitely go for it.:tup:
  10. I'm late, but I really like the color Ro! It's not a peachy beige, it's a pretty true beige IMO.
    I like it a lot, it's very fresh and clean and will likely go w/ EVERYTHING!
    I have a nagging feeling I'm going to regret not buying a beige or black large Cambon Tote.
  11. with the beige/beige cambon you dun have to worry about the color of the handles staining on to your bag (some black/beige combo, the black handles MIGHT leave "skid" marks on the bag if its not stored properly).

    Which ever your choice is you are gonna be happy with it cos chanel doesnt disappoint.
  12. I think its a nice beige. Very neutral and you dont see that color combo much at all, (real or fake). Good choice.
  13. Aw thanks! :biggrin: I let my Chloe Silverado tote go after much deliberation - Chanel has my heart! And this tote is taking the place of the Chloe. It's arriving Tuesday from Hirschleifers in Long Island, NY. They have one left and it is the only beige Cambon tote available now in the country. I called every Saks, NM, Nordstrom, Chanel boutique, Chanel 800#, until finally scoring with Hirshleifers.

    Swanky, you can justify a Cambon tote! It fits your busy lifestyle with kiddos and you're not nearly at outrageous bag numbers. And I hear prices are increasing again for the Cruise season. Totes are going to be close to and over $3K.
  14. congrats roey, it looks gorgeous!
  15. ^^such an enabler! :p