need opinions on this bag...

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  1. with the great macys sale right now, I thought I may finally pull the trigger on this bag


    however I am now torn between that one and this one


    I do like EW bags more than NS bags. And I have not yet purchase a saffiano MK bag- all of mine are the pebbled leather. I also have a couple monogram LV that I love, which is why I am drawn to the 2nd bag. I just dont know :sad: and would love some opinions
  2. I personally like the black !
  3. I like the black one too!
  4. I like the black one a lot more than the monogrammed bag......... :smile:
  5. I vote for the black :cool:
  6. does anyone have this bag- I did a search for it here and I dont really see it anywhere
  7. I had not seen this bag before you posted it, but I really love the black one. Have you checked youtube for video reviews?
  8. Black one!
  9. I did a quick you tube search and only one video came up from Zappos- atleast I got to see it "on" someone.

    For the price it was worth the order- and if i hate it I will be returning it.
  10. I've seen this in real life & I love how you can tuck the short chain handles inside when you're wearing it on the shoulder or vice-versa, tuck the long straps in when you're caring it on your arm or by hand!

    Great looking bag!! Congrats!
  11. i didn't realise the short handles were usable...thanks for the tip :smile:
  12. Yes & SUPER stylish!! They can really "dress up" an outfit!! Yay!! :smile:
  13. I like the black one ...
  14. when I saw this post I immediately went and ordered it from Macy's :biggrin:
    Might be a good work tote!

  15. Black!