Need Opinions on this Bag!

  1. Ok, thanks to those who posted to me about my concerns re: the bronze baby cabas. It's too much money to spend for a bag that I'm not crazy about. I did walk around the house in it and unfortunately I don't think I will keep it.

    So now I'm looking for a more appropriate bag. I really like shoulder totes that are more streamlined and not bulky at all. I don't need/want a large bag. What do you think of the Silver Coin Tote Bag? I don't know if that's the offical name but I've included a picture of one I saw on eBay in White Caviar. Does anyone have this bag? Is it a shoulder tote? The handle looks long enough to carry it on the shoulder. Also, what do these sell for at Chanel and are they available or sold out?
  2. That's the Medallion Tote. I think it retails for $1,650 and is pretty readily available. I've never had one, so I don't know how comfy it is on the shoulder.
  3. I have the white and the black medallion totes w/silver hardware. I adore these bags. It's very comfortable on my shoulder, but I have heard from other Pfers that it's uncomfortable to wear on their shoulders. I have no problems and let me tell you this bag is indestructible. I really abuse my black one and it's still pristine. I would say this is my go-to bag.
  4. I like that bag a lot, it's a classic style, not trendy and something you'll use forever. I don't own one, but I always love the way they look. I've held one (in store) and it was very comfortable.
  5. oh thanks so much ladies!!!! if anyone has a modeling pic of them wearing it on their shoulder, i would love to see it. after my last purse buying debacle, i really want to be sure this bag is not too big or bulky. and unfortunately i don't live near a boutique or dept store that sells chanel.
  6. It fits comfortably on a thin gals shoulder. I'm a 6 and it was too snug to wear w/ a jacket :sad:
    It's a little hard for me to get into as well, I prefer the Petit Shopping Tote.