Need opinions on this bag & recs. for other similar shaded bags!

  1. Help!

    Im on a 'gunmetal' hunt. I like the shade of this Kooba Natasha but Im worried that it might be too shiny IRL for me. Its the same bag in both pics but I guess it much look different in certain light.
    Any good/bag opinions on the bag?

    Aslo, if anyone has any recommendations for any 'gunmetal' (By that I mean 'dark-grey-metallic-ish') coloured bag, please post pics or links. I really want a bag in this shade, but I just cant seem to find a style that really does it for me.

    Natasha_Gun.jpg gun2.JPG
  2. How about Cole Haan triple zip in gunmetal? It's sooo pretty and not too metallic.
  3. I love this City Tote in metallic grey. Too bad I'm broke. It's at revolve but I'm sure it can be found somewhere else on sale.

  4. I saw it at JC Penny too(but for more money), but I am not sure if they ship to the UK.
  5. I have the City Tote in gunmetal, and it is PERFECT. Not at all gawdy colored, and nice, soft, floppy leather.
    I *had* the Natasha, but it was very gawdy IMO, plus the leather was extremely stiff (like cheap plastic!). I sent it back.
    Anya Hindmarch makes a beautiful woven pewter bag for about $900-$1000.
  6. Thanks Notblushing...

    The cheap plastic look is something I dont want. You have saved me big bucks! Thanks :tup: