Need opinions on this 05 Rouge Hobo

  1. Does this bag look rather odd? The back and front look like 2 different leathers to me????? I this normal? :confused1:
    pic003.jpg pic004.jpg
  2. It looks like they used 2 differnt leathers. It's not my cup of tea and it doesn't look like rouge to me.
  3. That's what I thought. 2 different leathers. It is a rouge 05 for sure. :confused1:
  4. Notice how the background shading is different too. Pink in the first pic, blueish in the second...maybe that explains the color variation?
  5. It could be due to lighting or flash of the camera. If you look at pic.2 where the seams part connects to the other side of the bag, it does show the same color.
  6. Is that picture from BalNY??? In early August, they had a leftover 05-rouge theatre hobo like that...the front was perfect, but the back was extremely distressed/veiny.
  7. Yes, it is. Weird that they would not match the leather on the front and back. Quality control please Balenciaga. :confused1: :yes:
  8. :yes: I agree and it doesn't look like RT to me either. It could definitely be the difference of flash vs. no flash but IMO you could find a much prettier bag.
  9. Unfortunately, those pictures are very close to what it looks like IRL. The contrast in color is not's the difference in the texture/quality/level of distress in the leathers that makes it look that way. Hope this makes sense...
  10. it looks weird
  11. That is really strange, I've never seen anything like that. Maybe they have a different one?
  12. well the lighting may be a little off. the first pic, has a pink background, the second pic has a blue background. so i wonder it needs some color correction, but i agree, the back doesn't look too good to me either way.