Need Opinions on These Wedges...

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What do you think of these wedges?

  1. Love them!

  2. Hate them!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. What do you think of these wedges?


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  2. worth 400 bucks? :confused1:
  3. sorry don't like them..they look massive to me...
    and i don't like that colour..
  4. theres too much going on in my opinion. too bulky, too chunky, too many buckles. definitely not worth $400 to me, but who knows maybe i'd like them if i saw them on someone
  5. thanks... i always think big boots or wedges make my legs look smaller... :lol:
  6. I actually like the style. I love chunky wedges, but the color of these is not attractive to me. If they were black or a dark saddle brown, I would like them more.
  7. I like them, but I'd have to see them on. Not sure I can say love them, but definitely like them.
  8. Ehhh, I don't know. I think they'd look better if the front was lower, w/o a platform
  9. there's way too many straps on the shoes..
  10. I totally like these ... guess I'm in the minority!
  11. It's a nay for me. It's too bulky.
  12. Not worth 400 bucks IMO. But you can always find something similar without the hefty price tag; try Dolce Vita Tahiti wedge.
  13. Not my cup of tea, but then again, i don't really like wedges in general. I do like the look of hardware and leather contrast though :smile:
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I used to think that too, but it isn't really true.

    Honestly I'm not too fond of these. You could find something much cuter for $400.
  15. Thanks for the opinions everyone!

    I know there are quite a few similar looking shoes for half the price but I thought that maybe they would be more comfortable since they are $400... I have sooo many shoes that just look cute in my closet because I can't wear them any longer than an hour or two at a time... Does anyone know if Dolce Vitas are comfortable?