Need Opinions On These Shoes.....

  1. They are on They are in the ACCESSORIES tab and they are part of the Pre-Fall 2007/2008 collection. Its tab #25. I don't know how to freeze the picture to post it, but they are the black pumps... WDYT?

    I just put myself on the list for them b/c they look so cute!
  2. those? if yes, i like them :yes:
    chanel shoes.JPG
  3. love it! i think it's very elegant and confortable too :yes:
    and totally love the bag :p

  4. Yes... those are the shoes. My SA put my name on the list for them today. They look great... I can't wait to see them IRL....

    I was just wondering what everyone else thought.

    I don't know how you posted the pic, but THANK YOU!!
  5. They are gorgeous and so is the bag!
  6. Love the shoes. They look like they're 4" heels. I try to stay no higher than 3" though. If they were 3, I'd definitely get them. It's a very classic style.
  7. Those are really nice shoes, very classic. I love them!
  8. Classic. You could wear them forever.
  9. Oooh, I love the look of those shoes! Does anyone know how much?
  10. Love them! Seems like they would match a lot of outfits.
  11. they r cute
  12. They are $675.

    Really cute shoes!
  13. I just LOVE them... I think the stacked heel will make them more comfortable.
  14. Those are super cute! I love it!
  15. Love them!! Can't go wrong with those :yes: