Need opinions on these Chanel Camelia sunglasses . . .

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  1. They are black on black, just got them at Saks. Can you please tell me if you think it's a yay or nay? I love the flower, but can't tell if it looks bad on me. I'm new yto the board, so I'm not sure if I can post this here. Sunglasses count as accessories right? If not, please let me know where it's appropriate to post this. Thanks :smile:


    Chanel Camelia 1.jpg Chanel Camelia 2.jpg
  2. all things Chanel are welcome here:yes:
    I think they look great!
  3. it looks perfect on you! great choice. congrats =)
  4. gorgeous!

    a definite yay
  5. A big yay - they look perfect on you. I love those.
  6. I have these too!! LOL! I got mine at NM.Mine are too big for my face so my 11 yr old now wears them...UGH...SHe has the same shape face as u and looks WAY better in them!!!I have to wear Chanels older frames with the TINY lenses...sniff...
  7. I like them!! :tup:
  8. i tried this same pair as well recently. definitely a yay! love those flowers!!
  9. I have these too. They look gr8 on you. BTW do you find that the arms sometimes catch in your hair when you are taking these glasses off.
  10. I really like them on you and I think you made a great choice getting the black camelia's on the side instead of the white.

    Wear them well :smile:.
  11. You look great!
  12. i wish sunglasses looked that good on me...!
  13. I have these in brown. yes, occassionally a few strands get caught in the hinges...ouch
  14. They are cute!
  15. they looks cute on you. would keep for sure, love chanel.