Need opinions on the Picotin please!

  1. I think they are so cute and would love one, just wondering if you own one and what you think of it? Theres a couple on eBay I have my eye on.
  2. Donna, the picotin is a darling Hermes and is a very popular style. Right now, I have the PM ( smallest ) and it's in togo and is very soft. Everything is comfortable, the handles are soft, the bag is shaped but conforms to whatever I put inside.

    I usually leave the little strap unbuckled...for easy access and many ladies use a purseket inside their picotins to help it keep it's shape and stay a little better organized.

    I've also used the MM size and tho I've heard others say this is their ideal size and not large at all, I found it to be too large for me in this hand held style.
  3. I love mine! I have a PM white clemence with turquoise chevre trim. It's the perfect summer bag -- it also folds flat for travel. Mine is being packed for a trip to Florida.
  4. How much is the picotin? They are soo cute!!
  5. Thanks girls! I think that will be my first Hermes bag!
  6. What a great first H! My orange Picotin PM was my first H, too. And I still wear it all the time. I love it!
  7. I love my Clemence Ebene PM. It is such a great bag! :yahoo: It was about $1625. I use a small Purseket in mine and it works great.
  8. I want one in BJ! So cute!!
  9. I just order one today -- in that new bright blue (what is it called - Brighton Blue??) And I love the bag!! The MM seemed to be perfect for me! And the PM is $1625, the MM $1850. I just love this bag -- I didn't even know about it until I joined the Hermes forum!!

    Thanks to all!
  10. :yahoo: So excited for you!!!! It's such a great bag and I love the color you chose!!!
  11. Thank you! Seeing yours definitely inspired me! Yours is so cute!!
  12. Aww thank you! :flowers: Can't wait to see yours!!!
  13. I love Picotins, never heard of one til I joined this forum. Anyway, I've read with interest all the comments above. The Hermes SA in Nice took a Picotin out of the cabinet for me to look at - gold clemence in MM, beautiful, the MM is definitely my size (about 5'6")

    Anayway, I am intrigued by this thing called a 'purseket' What is it? What does it do and what does it look like, any photos please, many many thanks for putting my curiosity to rest...
  14. Here's a pic of the purseket in my Picotin. I love it because it has lots of different pockets to keep everything organized.
  15. crochetbella - thank you. By the way, daft question coming your Picotin (or any Picotin) reversible? The colours inside your bag are amazing, would it work, reversed?