Need Opinions on shoe color!

  1. Hello girls, just in need of an experts opinion in a matter regarding shoes :girlsigh:

    I recently purchased this GORGEOUS Trina Turk dress to wear to the Kentucky Derby. I also had a large TDF hat made that matches the teal blue trim to a tee!
    My question is; I'd like to wear a pair of strappy heels but don't want to go the blue route (since I feel that there is just too much blue going on already). White seems too matronly, and silver was a possibility I've been tossing around. But I'd like to maybe give another pop of color completely. I was thinking maybe even a coral color? What are your thoughts? I'm dying to get some new feedback! Thanks In Advance!!!
  2. i was thinking white since the dress has white detail!
  3. I agree with DamierAddict - a pair of bright white pointy-toed pumps would really pop and not look matronly at all.
  4. White?
  5. White.....oh no!! Either try and get a blue as close as possible or try adding some bright pink shoes, adds a pop of colour
  6. I'm with Mooks, go for some bright fuschia pumps to top off the outfit. Or if that's a bit bright for you tr purple for a nice toning colour to the blue. Have a great time! :yes:
  7. i don't white strappy sandals would look to patronly. a pair of nude, light gold sandals would look nice too, i think.
  8. Agree with Savannah... light gold, or light pink/nude patent leather.
  9. I would definitely wear nude patent with that dress. Not only will you look chic, but you will also elongate your legs!