Need Opinions on my Writing

  1. I write a blog about my life which is pretty comical. I get nothing from it and just enjoy chronicling funny stories for my friends and family to read. That's been enough for me until recently. I'm starting to feel like maybe I would like other people to read it and give me some feed back also. I've been attaching my blog address to my posts after checking w/ Megs to make sure it was ok w/ her first, but have decided to come out and ask directly for anyone's feedback. I know you guys probably don't have the time to read it, but if you do I would really appreciate it.

    Gosh, I'm feeling a little embarrassed :shame: now asking you guys for input but I've grown to really feel comfortable here and thought I would just put it out there. That said, I totally understand if no one reads it or wants to. I will always love you guys.

    The address is
  2. Hi shushopn, I promise to give you feedback later (whether or not you'll like the feedback :biggrin: ) because there's the World Cup to distract me for now. I've just read the first para of your entry about your family and I can identify with you as there's mental illness in my family - ( for instance, my dear sis who passed away 7 years ago had mental, heart and kidney problems :sad: , her death at 50 was in a way a merciful release for her. However, inspite of her mental problems she was a beautiful person)
  3. My Aunt is an awful human being and always has been (mental illness is just a side note)...the stuff I've written early on might be better to start w/...I don't know, now I feel like it was a dumb idea to do this. Oh well, what the heck.
  4. I just read a few of your pieces... I've always found blogs really boring but I have to say, I just kept reading and reading with yours. They're really good and refreshingly honest. I like your writing style.
  5. I will be sure to check it out
  6. shoegalalabama - thank you so much for taking the time to read them...I'm shocked anyone would want to. My friends and family all love my blog but I think their a little biased. The few strangers who have tripped over it have left great comments. All of my stories are 100% true. I can't make this stuff up.

    Thank you Heavensent also!
  7. Your blog is quite funny, I like it.
  8. Thank you so much Perja! I'm thrilled you thought it was ok.
  9. Shu, I just finished reading your blog. I think you write beautifully. I can actually picture what is happening ( I wish I didn't read the "green poo" incident while I was eating though :cry:smile:
  10. tw1n8ngel - Thank you so much for the kind words! I feel sooo happy that you guys like it and actually took the time to read it....Sorry about the green poop during dinner :smile:
  11. I read the one about Valentines Day and your husband. I wish my boyfriend was more like your husband. . .

    I tried to leave a comment but my internet is being remedial so I'll tell you here - I love the way you write! I'm bookmarking it now :]
  12. Abandoned - you are too sweet. thank you so much...I think my earlier stuff is a little better (in the archives on the left hand side of the blog)...I only write when I feel driven to (I don't know how to describe it any other way). I find it a great way to remember all these crazy storiees. Thank you for taking an interest in them. Hugs!
  13. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Funny thing is we have alot in common, two boys, excellent hubby, crazy maternal side of the family, and I grew up in Huntington, NY. Keep it up because I book marked it!
  14. Pdonnadurk - Wow that is so cool! I love Huntington so much...the village is great.
  15. It is hilarious! You have a great writing style...that probably could be published!
    Keep up the good work!