Need opinions on my new Rolandes

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  1. I'm really pumped because I just bought the wine Rolande!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: It came in this afternoon. They didn't have my size, so I ended up ordering a size up because it was either that or a size down in the black. I am in love with the color. It is every bit as beautiful in real life as in everyone's pictures. And they are so comfortable. I think that they might be one of the most comfortable pair of heels I've tried on. Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that I have the larger size. But they stay on when I buckle the strap at the smallest setting...but do you think they look too big in the back??? Or do you think it isn't that big of a deal? Because I want to keep them...but I don't want to look like I'm parading around in my mother's shoes.
    rolande1.jpg rolande2.jpg rolande3.jpg rolande4.jpg rolande5.jpg
  2. They are so beautiful! However, to be honest, they do look a little big.
  3. they are gorgeous...but yes they do look a bit big...that is hilarious that you are standing on a towel bc i do that all the time to avoid messing up the red soles lol!
  4. I agree, I'm affraid they do look too big for you. Sorry.
  5. I love them! BUT...I do have to agree with everyone else, they are a bit too big. Sorry.
  6. I wish I could say it was no big deal, but honestly they look a tad too big on you. I think the next half size down would be the right length. Maybe you can try putting toe pads to push your foot back so that there is less room in the heel?
  7. They look way too big, I would order the size down. You can get away with a smaller size in a sling/sandal...

    Gorgeous by the way!
  8. If they are really comfortable, sizing down will make them uncomfortable, so I wouldn't suggest sizing down anyway (if you did find a pair). So I would keep this pair. They don't look any bigger on you than I've seen on some celebrities on the red carpet. (IMO)
  9. Ohh they are gorgeous! They do look a bit big though :sad:. Maybe if you wear them with pants it wont be as noticeable? The plus side is the toe box looks great on you, no squish factor like I had to deal with :lol:
  10. I think the insole length is definitely too big and I don't think that a toe pad will help. I have a feeling that when you start walking in them they will be too loose and "flop".

    I am sure that you can find a size smaller with enough checking. I think that a size smaller will look much better on your foot. Do your detective work and I am bet you will run across the correct size. We can help......what size is the current shoe?
  11. I was afraid that they were to big. I don't know when I'm going to learn just to buy shoes in my own size and not in sized I hope I can make fit.

    They are a size 42.
  12. Don't beat yourself up dknigh. If there was ever a shoe you can order a size up is the Rolande/Rolando. We all do this and sometimes we can make it work!! Try the thick toe pads and walk around on carpet to see how they feel. Also, keep checking the stores to see if you see a smaller size. Did you get them at the CL boutique or ebay?

    We all feel your pain! :sad:
  13. Awwww, it sucks that they are big! They are gorgeous!

    You need a 41.5 or even a 41
  14. I do think they look a little big but not to the point where they are crazy big. Also think about if your feet swell then they might be perfect lol
  15. I got them from Bergdorf Goodman. It's nice that I can return them, but I'll have to ship them back. I think I loose more money on shipping shoes back and forth than anything else. I guess I'll try feebay and ship them back if they don't sell. It's just sad because they feel great but look funny. If they were cheaper, I would just keep them and wear them with pants like Babypie suggested. But I kind of justify buying more expensive shoes by wearing them all the time to everything.

    Yeah, I normally need a 41 but can sometimes get away with a 40.5. Everyone talked about how tight the toebox was, so I thought I might be able to make it work. Especially since the sling is adjustable. Oh, well. I guess that I'll just keep looking. Maybe I'll have some better luck this time.

    Now I'm having images of my feet blowing up like a puffer fish. :lol: