NEED opinions on my new Legacy flap hippie!!! pics...

  1. she arrived today and I LOVE her :nuts: even though I couldn't see IRL first.. BUT.. there's always buts, right? LOL... I was hoping the strap could be adjusted to wear on my shoulder. Its still too long. :sad: Wondering....if a leather shop/shoe shop could add a few belt holes for me so that I CAN adjust to a shorter length. Has anyone tried this? Good idea or not? Secondly, the back of the bag has a deep crease going across the leather on the bottom. The crease dents inward inside the bag. My shoulder flap did not do this or look like this and they are basicly the same bag? Since there are no bags in this style at the stores to compare it to, do I return and have another one sent in case this one is defective? Or is this common for hippie bags to do that?? not sure...So....A. do I try and have the strap shortened? If so, any suggestions. B. Do I return for another one because of the deep crease in the back. TIA! I really need some opinions. My husband is no help! I was just so excited to get her today but then a little disappointed with the crease thing. :sad: Not sure what to do. :shrugs:
    hippie2.jpg hippie3.jpg hippie4.jpg hippie5.jpg hippie6.jpg
  2. here's a few more pics...
    hippie7.jpg hippie1.jpg
  3. I think I would return it just incase. And I think that I wouldn't try to put holes in the strap, maybe just return it for another bag.
  4. If you decide that you absolutely LOVE the bag I think it wouldn't be to bad punching a hole in the strap. Take it to a leather shop of course. But personally I wouldn't do it, for that much money I'd want one that is perfect from the get to, kwim? But the purse is v. cute, and you are V. cute too! It's a good match. :yes:
  5. That hippie is so cute! I had a white leather one, but I sold it on eBay because I was so afraid of the color, but yours is great!

    I think that if the leather crease is going to really bother you then I would send it back for another one. The crease may go away after some use though.. maybe after it is broken in some?

    As for adding holes... I wouldn't do it personally, only because I end up re-selling my bags eventually.
  6. If only I could take the strap from the shoulder flap (shoulder flap bag is bit too wide/big) and put it on the hippie (perfect size/shape-hating the strap)...I would have MY PERFECT BAG.....ho hum.......:confused1:
  7. Thanks for the compliment...bad pic hair is in a smashed wad of a ponytail. LOL.. .you're too kind!
  8. My opinion? First and foremost, if the crease on the leather bothers you, take it back. One or the other may happen, over time that crease may enhance or smooth out depending upon how your accessories sit in the bag, or how full it is.

    If you shorten the strap it takes away from the "hippie." I would hesitate to add another hole, because I don't like altering an "original." And, I must add, the bag length looks good on your frame, it has a long lean affect!
  9. I agree with Spacy Tracy & the bag that she suggested seems to have the strap that you're looking for! The crease would bother me too, I say at least exchange it or try the #11140 to compare.
  10. umm...the crease does bother me. If I keep her, I will exchange for another one. Actually, the thought of having my bag altered does frighten me a bit..:wtf: Do you think the strap at its current length, looks ok on my shoulder? I'm 5'10" if that helps with the feels like it would stay on my shoulder but I'm not sure how the bag looks wearing it this way since its meant to be a crossbody? grrrr......:tispy:..time for a drink! LOL
  11. The Hippie is, of course, intended to be a cross-body bag, hence the very long strap. Be aware that adding extra holes will void the warranty. The strap can be doubled over by pulling it halfway through the buckle and holding it in place with something, though.

    But the crease would bother me. It's hard to know whether it will soften or intensify over time.
  12. THE BAG LOOKS FANTASTIC ON YOU!!!!!! I LOVE the legacy shoulder bag that the girls mentioned above if you arent happy though! Did you try slouching the shoulder bag? I tried it on tonight and the SA emptied it out for me to show me how you can push down in the middle to make it's REALLY very cute! If you arent happy w/ the creasing though, I would call up and have another one sent so you can compare since you cant see this bag in the boutique! She is ADORABLE on you!!!!
  13. I haven't tried slouching the shoulder bag? Is this easier in the sig? Do you mean pushing down the middle? Does it stay? Give you more breathing room under the arms? I've only tried on the leather shoulder bag which was heavy and stiff on me. Thanks for the compliment....I'm still confused!