Need opinions on my new gray clutch wallet

  1. So heres the downlow: I love Hobo International clutch wallets! I own one in blue patent and one in red and they are perfect to use as clutches as night and as wallets during the day. One side has all the credit card slots, cash slots, and coin storage and the other side perfectly fits some makeup, a cell phone, and a few other odd n' ends.

    On the gray wallet, I just wanted to get some opinions. Please be honest, tell me if you love it, or hate it (In regard to the wallet design itself, the color, the lining, or whatever else!)

    TIA! :yes:
  2. Heres my red clutch wallet by Hobo International, which I really really love!
    CIMG4883.JPG CIMG4884.JPG CIMG4885.JPG
  3. I love it!! I saw those in NM or Nordstrom's last year and really liked them, great for day and night. And I especially like the color. Grey has been really appealing to me lately. Hmm.. you're going to temp me into wanting one of them now. You are really bad for my (husbands) wallet this Christmas! ;)
  4. I LOVE this style, I have it in a rosy pink. I know gray is hot this fall but I'm not loving the lining - reminds me of bad curtains :shrugs: Of course, I got mine years ago and it's lined with the plain mint green cotton, so any kind of pattern/color is more interesting than that...
  5. ^LMFAO! ITA!

    Yes, Im having a hard time getting over the lining, it is indeed reminiscent of bad curtains! Do you like the exterior color though?
  6. Hmmm....I think if this was your first Hobo clutch/wallet I'd say go for it, but because you already have blue and red (which I love!) I'm not sure that the gray is, from a color standoint, more interesting. It's definitely more neutral but I think the other colors you already have would be more fun to carry than this one.
  7. I really like the style & construction of that wallet. They seem durable and chic. Only thing stopping me from getting one is the lack of exterior pockets. But that's just me...

    I think that it's a great color. You could probably find a similar color in another style, but it's still a great color.
  8. Those wallets are really popular. I almost bought one in brown. My friend has a similar Hobo wallet and she loves it!:tup:
  9. I really like it, and I LOVE the grey. I don't really like the lining, but that's not a deal breaker for me.
  10. its big enough to hold a cellphone!? that sounds amazing :smile:
    i looove the grey honestly i think grey is a great color :smile:
  11. I like it very much! Not sure I'd want something quite that large sucking up space in my purse, but since you have 2 others already then you must be ok with the size. Looks-wise and functionality-wise I think it looks like a great wallet/clutch.
  12. not enough credit card slots for me, but i love the look of it! the gray and red colors are fabulous.