need opinions on my first chanel bag...

  1. Would you recommend a medium reissue (in grey w/ silver hardware, assuming I can find one), or a petite shopper in black w/ gold hardware? I *think* they're around the same size? Should I hold out for the medium reissue?
  2. I haven't bought chanel bag yet. I would like to but I cannot find the one I like at the boutique. But I prefer reissue over shopper. I think shopper is more casual. It depends on your style I think.
    Sorry for my English. :shame:
  3. if you can track a reissue down of course i would say a reissue especially for a first sooo classy, soooo elegant..sooo stunning:love:
  4. I vote for the reissue as well. Classic.
  5. I prefer the reissue too! :heart:
  6. If I had to choose between the two I would chose the reissue
  7. Thanks, ladies... now if only I can find the reissue...