Need opinions on my 2nd Gucci purchase!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    After purchasing my first Gucci last month, I am hooked!!

    However, I need your opinion on my next purchase. I am looking for a purse that is a classic and can wear during the spring and summer seasons. The color has to be beige with white trim. The purses I am considering are attached.

    Thanks in advance :yes:
  2. I am considering the Charmy, Princy (med tote) and Jolicoeur (med tote). Please let me know your 1st and 2nd choices.

    Here are the links:



    Thanks again.
  3. JOLI COUER is my personal fave!Fabulous bag!
  4. i vote jolicouer! Im going to get the large jolicouer on vday!
  5. Love them all but if I had to choose it would be in this order.
    1. Jolicoeur
    2. Princy
    3. Charmy

    What was your 1st purchase?
  6. i like the princy.
  7. 1. jolicoeur

    I wouldn't wear either of the other bags; not my taste. The princy is too cutesy, looks like a cartoon to me, and I tried on the charmy in Neimans the other day and it just looked like a boring blob under my arm.

    jolicoeur with the signature red and green stripes, all the way.

    love it, love it, love it.
  8. jolicoeur!
  9. Thanks for your input.

    My first purchase was the Abbey Medium Shoulder Bag in black. Now, I just have to have another purse in beige!