need **OPINIONS** on LV monogram SHAWL

  1. Ladies, I need help choosing a color for the LV shawl. Im thinking either


    I think both are beautiful. :love: Im asian and have black hair. Which color do you think will match me the best? Anyone own this shawl and have pics? Thanks :smile:
  2. I love LV shawls. They are beautiful. I think the champagne color would be a striking contrast for you.
  3. i liek black...:tup:
  4. I really like them both but if I had to choose...................:thinking:

    I would go for the black. I would end up getting the Champagne one dirty. I am a total dirt and stain magnet! LOL
  5. Ditto!
  6. Black for sure! I think it would look gorgeous with your black hair...and you can wear it during the night and day.
    The champagne is a nice colour but would be hard to match with clothes.
  7. i'm asian as well, and i'd say champagne would look super classy...but black would be more practical b/c it wouldn't get dirty as easily.

    if it were me, i'd get the black b/c i'd kick myself for getting the champagne dirty. i guess the other thing to consider is when you plan to use it - everyday or for special occasions? If it's for special occasions I'd definitely say champagne.
  8. black...
  9. They are both really gorgeous , I would say get the Black because i think it would be very practical yet classy.
  10. I vote for champagne. The contrast will be worth the extra effort to keep it clean (and I presume it can be dry cleaned?), whereas the black will blend in with your hair/outfits. And the champagne is beautiful!
  11. Definitely black!
  12. Champagne
  13. Black.
  14. Black
  15. I would choose black because I don't want it to get dirty.