need opinions on DBTY. GO or NO GO?

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  1. Hi..
    I'm interested in Tiff & Co Diamond by the yard necklace in platinum.
    I'm thinking of getting 0.14 cts ( the second small) which will cost around $ 950. My budget is below 1K.
    Anybody owns this piece...?
    Is it worth the money? Is DBTY still "in"???
    I'm afraid it's tad toooo small.. :s

  2. I think that the DBTY style is a complete classic piece that you will have for a lifetime.

    I know a lot of people are attached to the Tiffany name, but you could totally get a larger diamond in a very simiilar setting for A LOT less money. I recently had a family diamond set in a replica setting for much less. I loved the Tiffany design, so I gave my jeweler a picture of the DBTY setting and he copied it pretty much exactly. There's nothing special about the Tiffany setting, it's very standard.

    Here are some examples of how you could get more for less--

    The 18k wg bezel set pendant on blue nile is beautiful.

    You could get a 1/3 carat for $525

    And a 1/2 carat for $1125

    You can also design your own in a platinum setting for $475 plus the cost of the diamond--

  3. So I just played around with the diamond search tool on

    You could get a diamond in the .23 to .37 carat range for a cost of $284-$532. Add this to the cost of the platinum setting of $475, you are still under the $1000 mark, and you have a bigger diamond!!
  4. it is sooo much fun to make a purchase at tiffany, until you realize how much you just paid. i'd get the blue nile, their quality is equal.

    use the savings to buy something less expensive at tiffanys
  5. Thanks girls.. yeah quess I have to hunt around for DBTY design frm other places. Bigger diamonds are better but the thought of the blue box makes me excited!
  6. Check out Whiteflash - they have a great DBTY necklace, and also will custom do them to your specs I believe. If you decide you are open to doing something away from Tiffany I would suggest looking online there. :yes: And, IMO, its a great classic piece of jewelry - I don't think you would ever feel you were wearing something outdated.
  7. I like this idea. Then you would also have something from tiffany's.
  8. I got a quote from whiteflash... they have an instock DBTY necklace if you want the one with the several diamonds stationed around a chain, but they don't have a solitaire that is like the DBTY. However, they gave me a quote for a custom setting that was just like it, and it was very reasonable. The only reason why I didnt go wtih them was becuase I was providing my own diamond, and I they required an appraisal of the diamond, and it was too much of a hassle to send it to them insured, etc. If I was purchasing the diamond from them too, I would have used them without hesitation. However, I think that for the OP purposes, Blue Nile still might be cheaper becuase she won't have to deal with the custom design fees...
  9. I think 0.14 is too small for a solitaire necklace ... definitely research other options. Visit your local jewelers - you can certainly get a better price.
  10. It's a very classic design. Go for it (get it somewhere cheaper).
  11. I actually was in the Tiffany's in Atlantic City today and I looked at the necklace in question. WHile it is beautiful, it is very small in person, and I think someone needs to be very petite in order to carry it off.
  12. I dont think I'm that petite, but I have to agree that it looks beautiful. I'm thinking of getting cartier love necklace instead, no diamonds anw.... ( but I have to be a very good wife this couple of months.... :graucho:)
  13. Just to chime in...the DBTY necklaces are gorgeous, but one thing to keep in mind...they flip around. You do not always have the pretty side of the diamond upward. Many people do not realize this and get frustrated. You can have part topside showing and part bottom. It is something to think about if that may bother you. I have a few friends that have returned their pieces because it bothered them so much. Good Luck.
  14. Oh really..? I never knew that. Thanks Kellybag for sharing the info. I really hate jewels which flips, with that amount of money we spend.... I really have to find other options.
  15. sally_s the single stone neckleace doesn't flip, I've only seen this happen with the DBTY necklaces with multiple diamonds.
    My DBTY bracelet does it a lot :sad: