Need opinions on cream/white bag

  1. OK - I've decided I want a cream or white bag for the summer.....I have it narrowed down to Kooba.

    Should I go for the Scarlett or the Sienna?
    White or Cream?

    Thanks for your help!!!!!
  2. Depending on how much crap you carry. I like my Scarlett for medium hauling and my Marcelle for major hauling. Same bag, different size. There was a thread on another board about a woman with an Ivory Kooba with spilled coffee on it. Absolutely ruined. You sure you want white? I'm just not a white bag lover at all. I think it would show any speck of dirt.
  3. I like the Cream in Sienna. :smile:
  4. sienna!
  5. I meant to say that the Sienna and Scarlett were the same Bag/different style. Obviously the Marcelle is different..LOL I think you couldn't go wrong with a Sienna. There is a couple of Ebay sellers that I have dealt with that only deal in authentics. Surf*Goddess I think has an Ivory or white one up for sale currently. Also I have bought from Upscaletrend and Ali-Babe. These are about the only 3 I am willing to deal with without fear on Ebay.
  6. Thanks for the responses!
  7. I love my Sienna, but I have it in espresso. Perfect size. The ebay sellers you mentioned sent you authentic bags? What bags did you buy? It's always good to hear of potentially honest sellers.
  8. You are making my brain work hard here but...
    My first Kooba Scarlett came from Surf*Goddess who has her own high end boutique in Hawaii, then I returned to buy a Botkier from her also. Nice seller.
    I bought my Marcelle from Ali-Babe. She was great to deal with.
    And I got my IF Audra from Upscaletrend.
    All of these sellers bent over backwards to assure me of authenticity, answered all questions (and in some case alot), pictures etc. They have impeccable high feedback and deal mainly in high end bags. Their prices are not 9.99 or even 199.00. But I believe the main rule on Ebay is "You don't get somethin for nothin", and if you think that you are probably at risk of buying a fake. All of the bags I bought were over 400 but that was still alot off retail price.
    I remember looking for my first Kooba and out of 35 listings of Scarletts, Surf*Goddess was the only authentic one. How can people sell Koobas for 99.00 that retail for 600? Another ebay purse forum advised me that she was authentic and others had had dealings with her. So then I started my own research asking questions of where she got them, etc. Her open honest answers were refreshing and reassuring and in return I got a beautiful bag.