need opinions on classic bag iridescent and crackled calfskin " should buy or not"

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  1. Please help!

    I need opinions on classic bag iridescent and crackled calfskin " should buy or not" or i should buy only the classic items (i got 2 reissue both are in size 225 in black and carviar classic 10" is comimg)

    cannot make decision! I tried it on at Chanel. Love it but it a bit difficult to open and close cause it very soft

    Is it a good bag to buy?

    Many thanks

  2. I saw a black one at Chanel today. It's a nice trendy bag.
  3. I need opinions too :smile: Tia!

    Can anyone post their iridescent crackled classic bag?
  4. I'd need to see pictures please, OP.
  5. I will buy it!! Love the style and I think it is very trendy, little edgy and yet classic... Except this time I am eyeing on the messenger type bag (see attached pic)... if I cannot get the messenger I will get this one...:graucho:

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  6. Oooooh Tonkamama~~~ do you have price of style number for that messenger?? It's so pretty~~

  7. sixela ~ I believe the item # is A498505 Y 0689 and only available in black @ Nordstrom for $2,600.
  8. this is, in fact, my most fave 10A piece! i tried the maxi size in iridescent light gray, and i just couldn't stop touching it! the material is oh-so soft! if funds permit, i wud luv a slouchy flap for a break from the classic structured, for an elegant casual chic vibe... it took every bone in my body to put it back on the shelf - literally! :sweatdrop:
  9. That messenger bag is gorgeous!
  10. Anyone got this kind??
  11. I see thanks :biggrin:
  12. #13 Oct 18, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
    I just got mine from CHANEL Boutique at Bellagio, Las Vegas. And I'm falling for this bag! Mine is Gray in Large size and here are some photos to share :smile:

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  13. WOW very nice bag. :biggrin:
    Hope you don't mind if I ask your height. It suits you well :smile:
  14. Not at all :smile: I'm about 5'6" with heels hehehe