Need opinions on a gift for the wife

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  1. Hey ladies!
    I'm planning on purchasing a new LV probably something from the monogram canvas collection for my wife for her birthday this weekend. She already has the Manhattan GM and I know she likes somewhat bigger bags for daily use. Any suggestions or opinions? I'm willing to spend around $1100 since Christmas just passed and Santa (me) brought her a new white Chanel Jumbo Flap.

  2. What a great hubby you are. I would go for the Monogram Galliera in the smaller of the two sizes available.
  3. Yes,I agree,that is a great bag!:tup::yes:
  4. ^ The Galleria PM sounds like a good idea. Either that or a Berverly MM or a Lockit?

    (And wow, you are a wonderful husband! Do you mind if I clone you? ;) )
  5. I would say get Palermo PM!
  6. i agree, mono galliera pm!
  7. I agree - monogram Galliera - GORGEOUS! In the PM size!
  8. Mono Galliera $1270 USD!!! She will not be disappointed :smile:
  9. I agree with mono galliera PM :yes: and I also agree that you are just the sweetest husband!
  10. How about something new like the Monogram Roses Neverfull MM that was just launched.
    The price is $1360. You can save on tax by buying on-line.
  11. Another vote for the Galliera!
  12. What a great husband you are!!! I suggest Galliera or Palermo GM!
  13. I think the Tivoli is a gorgeous bag :tup:
  14. I say Neverfull or Tivoli

    Wow you are such a great husband. Do you have a brother???LMAO:roflmfao:
  15. I vote for the Tivoli.