Need opinions of VanZeeland charm on black day (pics)

  1. This thread may need to be merged with another in terms of the before and after pics, but I started a new thread because I wanted opinions on this Kathy Van Zeeland bag charm. Is it tacky or cute? Be honest!!

    Also, here is how my bag looks after one full week of use and one application of Apple Leather Care lotion and Apple Rain and Stain spray. It has broken in a LOT since I got it last week, it gets softer every day. I love it so much!
    blackday08.jpg blackday081.jpg balenciaga3.jpg balenciaga1.jpg balenciaga2.jpg
  2. Your bag looks gorgeous and I love your charm. :tup: But I am biased because I love to put charms on my bags as well.
  3. Wow! It sure has broken in nicely! I love it when they get a little slouchier. I love the charm, I think it spices it up a bit. hth!
  4. WOW you did an awesome job of breaking in your bag- love how slouchy it looks now, and the leather looks softer and darker. Great job!! I don't have charms on my bbags, and honestly I'm not crazy about hearts. But I think yours is pretty subtle- not to shiny or blingy, and not too large compared to the bag size, so I think you can pull it off. What matters is that YOU love it! And really, who's going to notice the charm when your bag is so gorgeously smooshy and yummy!!!
  5. I probably won't have the charm on there too often. I also have cute Juicy charms to put on there. Most of the time the bag will not have any charms on it.

    The apple products really made the difference with this bag.
  6. when the chit chat dies down I can merge this into a ref thread ;)

    BTW: love the look of the bag!! :love:
  7. Cute.
  8. The charm looks fine:smile: Lovely bag!
  9. I really love how your bag looks in the last 2 photos! Slouchy and looks a darker black too, although it could be lighting in the first 2 pics?
    I don't mind charms, I haven't got any on my bags but I feel if you like having charms on, good on ya and don't stress about what other people may think :smile:
  10. Lori, your Day looks SO good. You really know how to care for a bag and make it really great. I am not a charm girl, but I like them others bags. Your charm is very cute and all that matters in this entire world is that YOU like it. I am so overjoyed (HONESTLY) that you are happy w/ your Day and being back into Bal. :party:
  11. It's cute, but my only comment would be that the silver metal would constrict your accessory options (i LOVE accessories!). I think rh is fabulous because brass lends itself to an assortment of accessory options.
  12. Thanks all. I am a big believer in applying the Apple lotion and immediately putting all my junk in the bag and hanging it on a doorknob for a few hours. It creates instant slouch.

    Eh....I have kinda talked myself out of the bag charm. We'll call it temporary insanity. *LOL* It works better on my keyring. I just love the little jingle noises it makes.
  13. I like the charm on your black day :nuts:
    I think it gives more character to the bag..
  14. I'm not a big charm on the bag person, but I do think they look cool on the Days.
  15. I love her charms and I love it on your bag. I think charms look best on Days. I put them on all of my Day bags. IMO it breaks up the long expanse of leather and adds interest.