Need opinions, I'm itching for another bag...

  1. I dunno if it's the full moon or the forum or some other matter, but I've been ITCHING FOR ANOTHER BAG! :love:

    Particularly, the parade of pochette marelles has topped the list! I don't know what hit me, but I feel the need to reset my purse clock. I should be saving for my classic single flap.. :shame:

    Ideally, I want to get an epi purse but since my two options are out (demi lune and the nocturne, due to the discontinuance of these items), I'm thinking about getting the pochette marelle! I'm a little nervous about getting another monogram item but this is too cute!!

    I know GenY has just gotten one, but can anyone model for me how it looks when carried by hand/ on shoulder?

    PS: Oh, and btw, any opinions about this bag is welcomed!!! It'll for work and play :smile:

    Thank you!! :yes:
    pochette marelle.jpg
  2. hey bluekit, seems like we have the same taste in bags!!! LOL I have the marelle too and it's soooo adorable, but the buckles are a PITA!!!
  3. i have the Pochette Marelle, and it's absolutely adorable :heart:! i love it. i use it as a clutch, because i think the strap looks a bit weird. here's a picture of it for now, and i think i may have taken one of myself with it. i'll look for it and post it :smile:


  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Didn't I tell you the same thing earlier today?:roflmfao: :roflmfao: We are chasing after the same bags!!

    Do you use it as a clutch? or a shoulder/hand bag? I want to see how it looks as a shoulder bag - I'm not too much of a clutch type of person, I KNOW I'll get tired of holding it (and will probably set it somewhere and lose it too! :yucky: ) Did the buckle patina unevenly b/c of repeated use?

    Pics Pics Pics!! :graucho:
  5. here they are :flowers:! i knew i'd taken some before. i took these just last saturday night before i attended my girlfriend's birthday party. they're not very good because of the light, i'm afraid :hrmm:.
    pochette marelle 001.jpg pochette marelle 002.jpg

  6. Did I tell you you always look cute with your vuittons!!?!?!? :graucho:

    Thanks for digging up the photos. Do you have any with the strap on?:love:
  7. aww... thanks!! :shame::love::shame::love:

    no i don't have any. like i mentioned before, i don't use the strap, because it goes around the waist and it looks really weird to me :huh:. i think it looks better as a clutch.
  8. by the way, it's definitely the forum :yes:. how do you think i ended up with all these bags :P?
  9. That is so cute! and Sandra, you look great, as usual! :kiss:
  10. You're very welcome. you look hot girl!! :love: Anyway, I never thought of the pochette marelle as a shoulder bag/even a handbag until another tPF-er says she's been shown how to use it as a shoulder/handbag! Upon reading the vuitton website, it says:

    "The Marelle pouch in Monogram cavas closes with two leather buckles. It features an inside flat pocket and can be carried in the hand or around the waist." :love: Given I have pretty small arms, most "handbags" will ultimately fit on my shoulders! (I wouldn't want it around my waist like a fanny pack either! :yucky: )
  11. I'm not diggin' the Marelle as a shoulder bag at all. It's hot as a clutch though. If you're looking for versatility, I don't think this is the bag for you. If you're looking to use this as a clutch, buy it! So cute as a clutch. Just my opinion though...
  12. I love it as a clutch! It looks so cute.
  13. the marelle is very cute as a clutch and i really like it as a waist bag too- but i'm a sucker for a fanny pack... hehe.
  14. how does she use it as a shoulder bag? :huh: