Need opinions if you've seen this IRL!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hi everyone - I'm mostly a lurker - as you can see from my collection in my sig I spend most of my money elsewhere! I have a love of the Paddington though. :heart: I just have one medium 2007 chocolate brown and don't carry it much because it is too small for all my stuff. I have no local boutiques, and since you ladies are so knowledgeable and passionate, I need opinions from those who have seen this tote IRL. It is a gorgeous fall color and looks like it would offer me the room I need. Does anyone also know if other colors are/will be available for F/W? Thanks for your help!!
  2. I haven't seen this bag before, but it looks really large! I love the colour too :heart:

    Hopefully someone will have a bit more information for you,
  3. Haven't seen it but am attracted to your photo.
  4. I have seen this bag at Saks...comes with this color and choco. Retail price $2000. The red color they call : mahagony color. it looks burgunry color, not too red! I love this too, but wait until November! :smile:
  5. thats a great bag, i have just got a large snap paddy and its fab you can get EVERYTHING in it!
  6. Saw this bag at the Chloe boutique in Vegas recently, and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! Very rich color --it's a reddish brown color - when I saw it IRL, I liked it much better than the picture.
  7. Thanks for the input everyone. Ooh, I'm going to Vegas for the 1st time in October - I've never actually been to a Chloe boutique, but I'll make a point to visit!!
  8. This bag is gorgeous. I haven't seen it irl but I love it in the pic!!!
  9. I broke down and ordered it today from - sight unseen - I'll post pics when it arrives. Now I need a matching wallet!!
  10. Oh, do post pics of it when it arrives, would be interesting to see just how large it is in real life! Hopefully you love it :heart:
  11. Hun, just cancel it if you can. And please order at Saks tomorrow get a gift card for $300 . One day only
  12. O - M - G! This bag arrived today and it is THE most gorgeous bag I may have ever seen or held! Jaw-dropping beautiful. The color is a little different from the picture - it is such a deeper reddish brown than the NM photo captures. It is a fabulous size - not too big at all for day-to-day use, but quite heavy, as you can imagine. The leather is so thick and smooshy and smells amazing. Let me try to take some photos for you. Oh and thanks for the Saks tip, but they are not showing this bag online and that one day special is online only. Pics to come...