Need opinions... hair color is fading after a week!

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What would you do if you were in my situation?

  1. Call the salon back and have them redo your hair color

  2. Leave it and hope that it won't get lighter and lighter...

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  1. Ok, here's a quick summary of what happened... about a week ago, I started going to a different salon because the salon that I normally go to is just way to far away, and I hate taking so much time out of my day, when I can just go to a really good salon near my house... so ne ways, I went to this one stylist.. she said that semi-permanent would be "best" for my hair... let alone I ALWAYS get a partial foil... I told her my whole life story... you know when you chit-chat w/a new stylist, your trying to get to know her and what not because you want to go back to see her again... well ne ways... I was SOOO happy that my hair turned out SO well... BUT after a week now, the color has totally faded... need to remind you I have dark hair w/carmel and blonde highlights... WELL now my highlights have meshed w/my hair and now my whole hair is back to its color as if I never went into the salon... its faded to a "carmel" color... its WAY lighter than it was a week ago... would you call up the salon and ask them for a consultation to look at my hair again to see if they can do a redo? I'm SOOO disappointed now... I was happy a week ago, but now everything is going downhill... I'm also trying to not wash it as much, but the stylist new that I wash my hair every other day or at least everyday... I'm thinking she didn't know too much to what she was doing... I told her that I normally get a "permanent" base and not "semi-permanent" but whose to tell the stylist differently, right? what would you do? :crybaby:
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